Mama’s Family S01, Ep07 – Mama Gets A Job

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: Mama Gets A Job
Original Air Date: March 5, 1983

Guest Stars:
Pitt Herbert: Mr. Brennan
Mina Kolb: The Clerk
Eda Reiss Merin: Mrs. Brennan
John Sylvester White: Mr. Vogelman

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Some things should be done in the privacy of your own bedroom.
Naomi: Some things are done in the privacy of our bedroom.
Mama: I know. I know. All the time!!

* Naomi: You got half your life left.
Mama: Half my life? How many people do you know that live to be 130?

* Vint: Mama, you been old for years. Why is it just bothering you now?

* Mama: Well maybe that wife of yours could learn to use the iron? Tell her that the flat side goes down.

Synopsis: Mama is annoyed that Naomi is painting her toe nails in the living room. Vint, Naomi and Mama get into an argument. She’s upset about her age and that she feels like she hasn’t accomplished anything with her life. Mama said she ran into Aunt Effie and she’s got a job at the court house doing filing. Naomi follows her into the kitchen to try and cheer her up. She suggests a hobby and Mama is offended. So Naomi suggests she go to the placement agency at the mall. At the agency Mama is taking a test but she is struggling. She gets frustrated and rips up the test. She is called in for her interview. It starts off badly when she is asked her age. Most of the questions are answered “no.” The woman tells her finding her a job will be very difficult. They have a slight dust up. She winds up getting assigned to the Raytown Travel Agency. The job starts on Saturday, Mama isn’t happy. At the house Vint tries to give her a pep talk about her new job. Mama decides that everyone will have to pitch in now that she has a job. It’s her first day on the job. Her new boss gives her lots of directions on what to do. However, when he gets to answering the phones his greeting is a bit outlandish. Sadly, he doesn’t show her how to use the multi-line phone. The first call comes in and she tries to answer it but fails. Her boss comes running out. When it rings she has to push the flashing button to answer. So he gives her a rundown on how the phone works. While she is trying to figure out the phones a married couple comes in. She goes through the coffee routine with them, but only gives them two lumps of sugar instead of the three they wanted because she is worried they’ll get diabetes. The phone rings and while she answers it correctly it’s her grandson Buzz looking for his sneakers. The couple wants to go to Tahiti, but she infers they are too poor. The phone rings again and this time it’s her son Vint. She complains about her kids. The couple says they love theirs as they are sending them to Tahiti. The phone rings again and it’s Naomi. Thelma continues trying to fill out the form. The phone rings again and it’s Naomi. She can’t put her make up on because Sonja has locked herself in the bathroom. A commotion ensues and Thelma’s boss comes out to intervene. However, it goes into a full blown argument. Thelma gets fired. Back at the house Vint and Naomi are arguing and Mama comes in. She solves all the problems. Vint goes in to check on his Mama. She tells him a story about baby birds being pushed out of the nest and how they either learn to fly or die. She tells him to never climb a tree with her. She starts yelling and screaming at him.

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