Elementary S01, Ep06 – Flight Risk

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: Flight Risk
Original Air Date: November 8, 2012

Guest Stars:
Reiko Aylesworth: Miranda Molinari
Brian Kerwin: Charles Cooper
Roger Rees: Alistair Moore
Adam LeFevre: Ed Hairston
Matthew Humphreys: Owen Bates
Ashley Bryant: Hostess
Michelle Federer: Ellie Wilson
James Michael Reilly: Walter Devlin

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iTunes Elementary, Season 1 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Maybe some lunatic will put his mother in a wood chipper and give you something to do today.

* Sherlock: Drivers get road rage. Can a pilot get air rage?

* Sherlock: This office is like one great big huffing bag.

Synopsis: Joan gets rudely awakened by Sherlock and a lot of scanner apps. She informs Sherlock his father is coming to town and wants to meet them for dinner. He laughs and informs her his father never shows. Something pops on the police scanner. A 10-66 for an unusual incident, he deduces based on location it’s a plane crash. Sherlock and Joan arrive on scene and the Captain informs them it’s not up to him. Sherlock engages the NTSB agent and she’s annoyed. He’s told he’s not on the case and ignores it. He deduces the passengers were attorneys. He notices that one passengers leg was nearly severed but there’s no blood, his head was also caved in. His death was not a result of the crash. As Sherlock goes through the scene he finds unfrosted sand at the scene and it doesn’t make sense. He and Joan argue at the crash site. Sherlock gives a rather lengthy speech about the story there. She thinks he’s just trying to avoid his father. The owner of the plane comes in for questioning. The pilot was ex-military and very calm. He also tells them about a security camera and that he will give them the footage. The dinner with his father comes up again and Sherlock tries to prepare her. Det. Bell has news on the case. The law firm was working for a food company who was being sued. The murder still doesn’t make sense. Captain Gregson receives a call, the black box has been found. They listen to the recording. Sherlock points out the argument is one-sided, instead a voice mail was being left. He doesn’t believe Gerrard was in the cabin. He was killed elsewhere and put in the cargo hold of the plane. Sherlock takes the SIM out of the victims phone and puts it in Det. Bell’s phone and voila there is the voice mail. Back at the station Joan questions Sherlock and asks if he’s afraid of flying. Det. Bell informs them that Charlies, the airplanes owner, has the security footage ready. It shows that Mr. Gerrard was alive earlier. Sherlock goes over the footage and is able to figure out the man he is arguing with works at Carmato Foods. Joan tells Sherlock that the man isn’t wearing a pager, but an insulin pump. They go to see Ed at his office. He admits to knowing the victim and that he is the whistle blower. The argument was because he wouldn’t testify. Sherlock is now able to eliminate him as a suspect. His grip strength is so bad from the diabetes, he could never have committed the murder. Joan goes to the restaurant and meets Sherlock’s dad. They discuss Sherlock. His dad shares a story about his childhood with her. He then brings up sex with Sherlock. She figures out he’s not Mr. Holmes. He tells her he’s an actor hired by Sherlock. At the Hanger Sherlock is back on the sand. He states sand was put in the fuel tank. He sticks his hand into the tank and pulls out sand. It matches what he found before. It’s commercial sand. If the plane crashed over the water the sand would be washed away. Back at the brownstone, Joan is ticked about Sherlock’s prank. He tells Joan the flight was sabotaged. Det. Bell goes with Sherlock to the other pilot’s house and discuss an ugly argument on the phone. He says it was over a poached client. Sherlock continues on about a math error when returning from Miami, Florida. It’s 66 pounds or 30 kilos of cocaine. Sherlock accuses the pilot of sabotaging the plane. But he’s able to provide an alibi. At the brownstone, Joan awakes to Sherlock sitting in a chair in her room. He explains that he is not fond of airplanes. His phone rings, it’s Bell. Charles comes down to the station to corroborate the alibi. He smells of even more model glue than before. Joan notices he does not look well. Charles, however, says that the pilot wasn’t with him. They go to the pilot’s house and find the murder weapon, but Owen is missing. Sherlock finds evidence that the wrench was in brackish water recently. He believes that the wrench was planted and that Owen is dead. Sherlock notices cans of synthetic motor oil, he drives a Camry not a high performance car. In the cans there is between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars. They all put the pieces together and turn their eye to Charles. While he is being interrogated Joan notices the scar on Sherlock’s wrist. He tells her about falling off a fence. Outside, Det. Bell is filling a third glass of water, but Sherlock says bring him a pitcher. Joan goes to the bookstore and finds Alistair. She found him by the receipt he dropped at the restaurant. She learns how “friendships” with Sherlock work. He tells her that 9 months ago Sherlock showed up at his place higher than he could imagine and he kept repeating the same name over and over. Back at the station, Sherlock asks if he needs to go to the bathroom after drinking a pitcher of water, but he says no. Sherlock paints a new picture, a pint or two of lost blood. He explains he cut her side on a piece of metal in the hanger. Sherlock believes the body is in one of two locations, they are the only bodies of water that are brackish. The NYPD will search both bodies of water to find Owen. Charles is told it could become federal with the death penalty or he can give up the bodies location and stay in New York, where there isn’t one. Back at the brownstone Joan tells Sherlock she knows about Irene and that she would like him to tell her about her. The look on his face speaks volumes.

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