Bones S01, Ep06 – The Man In The Wall

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: The Man in the Wall
Original Air Date: November 15, 2005

Guest Stars:
Morris Chestnut: Agent Oakes
Bokeem Woodbine: Randall Hall
Anne Dudek: Tessa Jankow
Charles Duckworth: Rulz
Laz Alonso: George Warren
Robert Gossett: Mr. Taylor
John Sterling Carter: Special Agent Furst
Kathy Byron: Maggie Magregor
P.J. Marino: FBI Forensic Guy

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones and Angela: Awwww.

* Bones [in awe]: My first modern mummy.

* Angela: Are you sure you need me here?
Bones: Payback for showing me the good life.

* Booth: Do you even know who you are talking about?
Bones: I’ve done my Googling.

* Bones: You’ve never danced?
Zack: I’m told I look like a marionette in a windstorm.

* Hodgins: Bugs and slime. That is where I’m happy.

* Bones: Oh, God. [Moans]
Angela: What?
Bones: This makes me a little sick.
Angela: You pick dead bodies out of mass graves and yanking out a belly button ring makes you sick?

* Bones: Yet much of the iconic quality of urban music lies in the perceived or actual rivalry between the principal artists.
Mr. Hall: Where did you find her?
Booth: Museum.

Synopsis: Angela takes Bones to a dance club. Bones uses lots of anthropological terms that some people take offense to and a fight breaks out. Someone goes through a wall and everyone gets showered in drugs. There’s a dead body in the wall, partially mummified. Angela and Bones are high from the meth rain storm. Zach arrives and he’s frightened by Bones demeanor. She is excited about her first modern mummy. Back at the lab the team begins working on the body. The victim got stuck in the wall, the bag of meth broke and when he inhaled it, it coated the inside of his lungs, suffocating him. Per Hodgins the victim died about six weeks ago. The hands have been removed for rehydration to make getting fingerprints easier. She peels the skin off the hand and then puts it on like a glove to run the prints. Booth gets queasy. The victim is identified as DJ Mount. Booth interviews Mr. Hall at the FBI. He tells Booth that Rulz and DJ Mount did not get along. Back at the club Bones and Zack use some video equipment to see inside the wall. They see footprints. DJ Mount’s father pays Booth a visit. He wants him to know who his son really was. At the club the wall is opened up. Zack is not fond of the rats. Bones discovers a dried blood smear and retrieves a piece of jewelry. At the lab Bones is looking it under a microscope. Angela tells her it’s a belly button ring. Hodgins puts a pair of eyes on the table and Booth gets queasy again. Bones examines the face closer. Someone tried to smother him with the meth bag. He was murdered. Angela cleans up the belly button ring. It’s inscribed “Luv, Rulz.” Booth and Bones talk to Rulz. He tells them the girl is Eve Warren. He also tells her that she has a kid. Bones notices a scar on his wrist. It’s from a gunshot wound. Back at the lab Zack is working on the bones. He finds a slight indentation on the skull. B and B go to a dance studio and talk with the owner. He is Eve’s brother. He hasn’t seen her since she dropped off her daughter, six weeks ago. Hodgins confirms that the meth on the money Eve gave her brother matches the meth on the body. Angela’s recreation makes it look like DJ Mount was chasing Eve through the wall. Eve was able to get away because DJ Mount was stuck and prevented a third person from catching Eve. Booth brings in Randall Hall’s right hand man. He turns out to be undercover FBI. Terrance Bascum is Hall’s real name. B and B go to visit Mr. Hall. He’s not helpful, but he does tell them that Rulz build himself a studio around the time the two went missing. Bones calls in a cadaver dog to search the studio. Tudi lies down on a spot and Bones draws a circle around him. That’s where the body will be. They find Eve’s body under the studio and it’s taken to the lab. Bones tells Booth that she died the same way as DJ Mount. Bones says Rulz could not have done it because of his wrist injury, he would not be capable. They still question Rulz, but he’s confused since they told him he didn’t kill Eve. So Booth offers to make deal with the guy and arrest him to boost his rep to get answers. He says he’ll give them the reason DJ Mount was killed. DJ Mount was going to switch labels. At the lab Zack finds a mark on Eve’s skull. The marks on Eve and DJ Mount’s skulls match. Booth thinks it’s Hall that killed them both and without evidence he’s frustrated. Booth pays Hall a visit and pokes Booth with his cane. Bones tells Booth to arrest him and confiscate the cane. He hands her the cane and arrests him. Hodgins confirms that the end of Hall’s cane is what made the marks, that he killed them.

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