Elementary S01, Ep03 – Child Predator

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Child Predator
Original Air Date: October 18, 2012

Guest Stars:
Johnny Simmons: Adam Kemper
Yancey Arias: Robert Castillo
Michael Countryman: Barry Kemper
Erin Dilly: Amanda Kemper
Selenis Leyva: Sara Castillo
Christopher Evan Welch: Samuel Abbott
Larisa Polonsky: Lori Thomas
Flint Beverage: Esu Sgt. O’Donnell
Andrew M. Chamberlain: Adam Kemper (Age 12)
Don Guillory: News Cameraman
Brian O’Neill: Kemper Family Attorney

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: For future reference when I say “I agree” it means I’m not listening.

* Joan: I’m sorry, were you talking to me? I thought I was just a cavernous expanse between two ears.

* Sherlock: I realized that when it came to listeners I preferred animates to in-animates. Quite a breakthrough really.

* Captain: No more questions. He lawyered up.
Sherlock: Via telepathy?
Captain: Via his parents. They’re here.

* Sherlock: I may even listen to you again. Not your sobriety twaddle, but your thoughts on cases.

* Sherlock: Right after you solve a case you are flush with success. We should double down on work.
Joan: We?
Sherlock: You, Me, Angus. Some combination of the three. You already know I favor you.

Synopsis: We begin in Brooklyn the year 2005. A boy leaves his house and a stranger offers him a ride. The boy sees balloons in the car and is told they are for his parents. They’re left at that spot. Present day at the brownstone. Sherlock is going over an old case. Joan tries to get him to go running with her. She notices he’s looking over an old case “The Balloon Man.” Joan says she was living only a few blocks from where Adam’s kidnapping took place. He took six kids. But Sherlock informs her he just took a 7th kid. He gets a call from the Captain asking him to consult on the case. Joan and Sherlock arrive at the crime scene. Sherlock finds some broken leaves. In the house, the press is there. The parents are going to make a plea on the press. Sherlock stops them stating he’s trying to keep their daughter alive. Sherlock rattles off three names of balloon man victims. The more interviews the parents do the faster the children died. He feeds off the attention. The less attention he gets the longer the kids last, the more he gets the quick he gets bored and rids himself of the children. In the kitchen Sherlock scours the kitchen as Joan recalls the facts of the first case. The killers M.O. by leaving a batch of balloons saying thank you. He takes a bottle of wine out of the fridge and Joan freaks. He confronts the father about the wine. Sherlock questions him about the wine. It was not purchased at a bodega but at a wine shop based on label placement. He asks the father who his mistress is and moves on to a list of points about it. He also points out that he hid the fact that he was gone for a time last night seeing his mistress. He met her on the street a few houses down. Sherlock wants to talk to her because she most likely saw the kidnappers car. At the station his mistress is being questioned. Joan asks Sherlock some questions, but he tells her that she can’t talk to her, only he to him. Ms. Thomas says she was nearly hit by a car. Normally, the balloon killer chloroforms his victims, but sirens in the area forced him to switch up his plan. The vehicle she saw was a van, dark brown. They walk around the area to look for the van. Joan questions his her no talking rule. They argue. He then tells her she is like white noise when she talks and it helps him think. He points out a van covered with parking tickets, but there is evidence it’s been moved and it’s been sideswiped. The paint transfer has brown, white and blue. Sherlock informs Det. Bell that the vehicle is a decommissioned NYPD van. Back at the station Sherlock is reviewing the case. Joan still ticked makes a comment and he partially apologizes. The captain informs them they got a hit on the bolo. They pursue and corner the vehicle, but the driver tries to make a run for it. The van, however, is empty. Sherlock looks at the assailant, he is Adam Kemper. They interrogate him. He’s not answering. Joan goes through an explanation discussing that the boy might have grown sympathetic to his captor. Sherlock is concerned that if this is true he may be helping his captor kidnap more kids. Sherlock requests permission to speak to Adam but the Captain is uncertain. The Captain gives him five minutes. Sherlock speaks with him, tells him how he was shipped off to boarding school and bully he dealt with. He succeeds in getting him talking. He learns about a cut. Adam’s parents don’t want him to cooperate. Joan tells Sherlock his story was touching and then asks if any of it was true. He did go to boarding school. Adam’s parents are trying to work out an immunity deal for Adam. However, Sherlock now knows that the balloon man works night. Since Joan is unable to help him go through the files. She shows him some squats and states she was valedictorian of her medical school. He watches her do a few and joins in. The next morning Sherlock wakes Joan with a revelation. He was originally an exterminator, but changed jobs between victim 3 and 4. There is a newspaper connection. The parents or neighbors of the kidnap victims all subscribe to the same paper. Samuel Abbot is the kidnapper according to Sherlock. They storm his place, however, it’s empty. He has left a gift though. A bouquet of congratulatory balloons. There’s a chip attached to the balloons and its a message from the kidnapper. It also proves the little girl is still alive. The little girl’s parents are upset and want Adam traded for their daughter. The little girls father is livid. The Captain states clearly that no cop can talk to Adam. As Sherlock and Joan leave the station he apologizes to her and thanks her for being willing to accommodate his methods. He even compliments her for her thoughts on the case and says he may listen to her thoughts on cases in the future. Adam does agree to speak with Sherlock. He convinces him to sign the papers and tell him where Samuel is. The SWAT team storms the location. They are able to save the girl, but Samuel kills himself. Sherlock is surprised at Samuel, he’s feeble and wears a back brace. Joan points out three scars. Sherlock checks the rooms when he hears wind blowing. One room is sparce and the other room is lavish. The lavish room has the broken window. Sherlock realizes that Adam was in charge, not Samuel. Sherlock pays him a visit. He’s not happy that Adam tricked him. Adam admits to watching all the parents on tv, both his and the parents of the kids that were taken. He admits that he was the mastermind. Sherlock and Joan review the phrasing of the immunity agreement. Sherlock admits to hurting his back because he overdid the squats. But it leads him to another revelation. He meets with Adam in the park. He questions him about victim number 5. He informs him of DNA found under that victims nails. He reiterates that he can’t be prosecuted for Samuel’s crimes. Sherlock has proved that Samuel had nothing to do with that murder as he was recovering from back surgery. He committed that one on his one. Adam is arrested.

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