Criminal Minds S01, Ep05 – Broken Mirror

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Broken Mirror
Original Air Date: October 19, 2005

Guest Stars:
Elisabeth Harnois: Trish Davenport / Cheryl Davenport
Robin Thomas: Evan Davenport
Matt Letscher: Vincent Shyer (as Matthew Letscher)
Meredith Monroe: Haley Hotchner
Matt Newton: Jordan
Sonya Leslie: Behavioral Analysis Unit Female Agent
Yeni Alvarez: 2nd Aide
Jeremy Brandt: Aide
David J. Lee: FBI Agent

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him.” -Euripides

* Gideon: “When love is in excess, it brings a man no honor, nor worthiness.” -Euripides

Synopsis: Two people exit a party, the male is clearly intoxicated. She gives him a field sobriety test before she lets him drive. They nearly crash into a car that has parked in the middle of the road. They get out of the car to check. But when they finally get back in the car the keys are missing. He is killed and she is kidnapped. The BAU team meets in the conference room to analyze the kidnapping and the ransom note. On the plane they discuss victimology. The girl has an identical twin. At the fathers house they set up to intercept any ransom calls and get more information about Trish. At scene of the kidnapping Cheryl lays in the road to get a feel for her sister. She determines that the kidnapper dragged Sheryl from the car and she fought. Scratches inside the car confirm it. Her sister is still alive. Back at the house they speak to the father to get more indepth information about the twins. Back at the scene Morgan tries to get in the unsub’s head. Gideon tries to coach the father on what to say when the call comes in. The unsub demands to talk to Cheryl. Elle pretends to be Cheryl and it doesn’t work. Cheryl comes on the line and the demeanor of the unsub changes. The conversation goes terribly sideways. It’s like he is hearing everything they are saying when not on the phone. He turns the conversation to her and what she likes. He finally lets the sisters speak. The unsub demands half a million. From the call they learn that his is keeping her drugged and she can see his face. They now worry he will kill her once the ransom is paid. They do a group think tank and it’s possible that the unsub may know them somehow. He calls back with instructions for the ransom drop. He wants Cheryl to make the drop. Cheryl hops in her car to take the ransom. She is driving to a rental car company. Hotch and Morgan sit in a car watching from a distance. Cheryl gets a call. Morgan is suspicious because of all the things the unsub didn’t say. Cheryl gets out of the car and is walking. Morgan and Hotch realize its not a ransom drop but a second kidnapping. They stop it from happing. The unsub calls back at the house and is not happy. He admits he would have had them both, the whole set. He makes clear he wants both sisters and won’t stop until he has her. Back at the house again. They discuss the unsub’s delusion that the twins are in love with him. He’s clearly obsessed and this makes him even more dangerous. They re-evaluate the profile and the unsub. The unsub calls back again but Gideon decides to mess with his head to get him angry so he’ll be less careful and reveal more information. The father completely freaks out, along with Cheryl, and have to be restrained and removed from the room. Gideon continues the phone game to get the advantage over the unsub. The unsub goes on a rant and reveals quite a bit. It’s clear this man has done extensive research on all the team members. They now know that the unsub is an FBI agent, there’s no other way he’d have access to all of the information he had. They move Cheryl to a safe house. Morgan and Elle are with Cheryl at the safe house. Elle is discussing more theories with Reid on the phone. At the house Gideon finds a bug in the FBI equipment. At the safe house the unsub is in the room with Cheryl with a knife. Elle comes in behind him and confronts him. He attacks her and they fight, but she takes him down and holds him at gunpoint. She gets the location that he is holding Trisha at. They successfully rescue her.

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