Elementary S01, Ep02 – While You Were Sleeping

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: While You Were Sleeping
Original Air Date: October 4, 2012

Guest Stars:
Jennifer Ferrin: Rebecca Ellison
Bill Heck: Ty Morstan
Casey Siemaszko: Michael McGee
Rosa Arredondo: Elaine
Chris Bresky: Recovering Addict
Amy Landon: Yvette Ellison
Rey Lucas: Martin
Ken Marks: Moderator
Asa Somers: Doctor
Paul Michael Valley: Burly Man

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Is it sad being wrong as often as you are right?

* Joan: Can we talk about Captain Gregson?
Sherlock: He’s married I’m afraid. Quite happily.
Joan: You’re funny.

* Joan: You hacked my email?
Sherlock: Hacked is such an ugly word.

* Joan: Invading my privacy, not ok.
Sherlock: Said the walking, talking professional invasion of privacy.

* Joan: You listened. You let someone else’s natterings penetrate that attic you call a skull and it helped you catch a killer.

* Sherlock: You always know it. If you didn’t, it wouldn’t be penance.

Synopsis: Sherlock and Joan are at an AA meeting. She realizes that Sherlock is unresponsive. She touches him and he jumps up screaming. He reveals he hypnotized himself during the meeting. He explains “attic theory” to her. He then does a demonstration. He fills a glass with some olive oil then adds water to demonstrate that useless information will wipe out useful. He gets a call from the Captain and they go to a crime scene. A man was murdered in the hall outside of her apartment. Sherlock takes in the crime scene. Sherlock announces that it’s not a murder-suicide but a murder and a robbery. A woman committed the murder from a seated position. The robbery had to be commited by a strong man because the armoire has been stolen. He looks at the neighbor and then kicks down his door to prove that he stole it. The neighbor is in the interrogation room trying to justify his theft. He starts discussing his theories and annoys the Captain. Joan sends him out for chips and chats with the Captain. He and Holmes reconnected via a telephone call from Holmes at Heathrow. Detective Bell and Sherlock butt heads about theories. Sherlock compliments Joan for noticing the photo with the armoire in it. Joan meets an ex-boyfriend at a restaurant. He’s a lawyer. He tells her that Joan’s parents reached out to him. He attacks her about being a sober companion. The next day at the brownstone Sherlock is working on the case and Joan brings in some coffee. She switches the topic back to the case. He rattles off the name of a genetic eye disorder. She asks Sherlock why he lied to Captain Gregson about where he has been. Sherlock gets a call from Bell. He found the woman from the sketch. She is at St. Isidore Hospital. Her name is Yvette Ellison, she’s in a coma from trying to commit suicide. Bell thinks that it’s an elaborate prank and dismisses Sherlock. Joan and Sherlock stay in the patients room. Joan conducts a test and looks at her stats and charts and confirms she is in a coma. He discovered a book on her night stand. It has an inscription to Yvette and Rebecca. Yvette has a twin. Sherlock’s theory is that the neighbor saw Yvette’s twin and not her. They find Rebecca and learn they are not identical but fraternal twins. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is picking locks. Joan thinks that Bell could be correct in thinking the neighbor lied. Joan asks Sherlock about a violin she found. Joan’s phone rings and it’s her ex and while her back is turned Sherlock lights his violin on fire. She puts it out. Their argument is cut short by a call from Gregson. There’s been another murder and the shooter was seated again. Joan finds some eye medication that treats the same condition the first victim had. He examines the body’s face, he believes the two victims are brother and sister. Gregson says DNA tests confirm they are related. Joan says the DNA shows they shared a father. Neither person ever knew the other. Bell comes in with a complaint filed by one of the deceased about a guy that was tailing her. Gregson recognizes him. The four of them go to his office to question him. He lies about knowing her. He gets called out on it. He says he’s not allowed to talk about it. Sherlock interrupts and pulls him out of his office. He tells him that he knows he’s using methamphetamine and threatens to out him if he doesn’t help. He also refers him to his rehab facility. The PI makes an exit after putting the file on his desk. The four go back to Rebecca. Sherlock lays out all that he’s found and Rebecca is quite shocked they are both dead. He accuses her of killing them both. She has no alibi. She explains she was fully aware and that she was angry over it. She and her sisters discussed it at length. She reached out to her fathers lawyers to investigate the two, just revealed, siblings. Sherlock accuses of her trying to get them out of the way and she slaps him. He confronts her with a witness that saw her sister. Gregson and Bell take her down to the station. Sherlock and Joan are in a cab heading back to the brownstone. Joan’s ex-boyfriend is waiting on the steps. Joan realizes Sherlock hacked her email to invite him over. She blows him off. She is quite angry at Sherlock. They argue quite vehemently on the steps. Gregson calls Sherlock to let him know they are letting her go. Her building security cameras prove she did not commit the murders. Joan drags Sherlock to another AA meeting and now he’s furious. She informs him if he zones out or hypnotizes himself she has brought a thumbtack to pierce his thigh and bring him back. They listen to a woman talk about her drug addiction and how she latched onto a doctor to get drugs from him. Sherlock tells Joan they are leaving the meeting. Joan wants to know what the breakthrough is. Sherlock storms into Yvette’s hospital room and makes quite the ruckus. He talks about a third heir, with her name and address. Bell comes in to stop him, Sherlock knocks him down and drags him out. Her doctor was in the room for most of the altercation. At the address of the third heir, she is just arriving home. Someone is outside picking the lock to get in. She sneaks through the house to kill the third air as she is stopped by the police. At the station Joan explains the coma was medically induced so that she would have an alibi to committing the murders. Sherlock explains to Rebecca that Yvette’s doctor was in on it. He’d heard a story about a woman who used a doctor for his medical expertise. He lays out the whole story of how to get an alibi above reproach. Joan fills in the rest. Sherlock goes on to say that he knew Rebecca wanted to share buy Yvette did not. The hospital scene was planned to lure the killer. Rebecca wants to help her sister. He points out that there were only two more other heirs. Why was she still in her coma after the second heir was murdered? He gently implies that Yvette planned to kill her next. Bell and Gregson thank Sherlock for his help. At the brownstone, they eat take out. Joan comments about how he listened to someone at the meeting and it helped him solve his case. She asks if he closes himself off from others as a penance for what happened in London. He doesn’t answer directly, but still answers nonetheless. Later that night he sits in the dark with a box. He opens it and it’s a beautiful violin. Joan reads in bed and hears him playing it.

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