Bones S01, Ep05 – A Boy in a Bush

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: A Boy in A Bush
Original Air Date: November 8, 2005

Guest Stars:
Paul Butcher: Shawn Cook
Evan Ellingson: David Cook
Natacha Roi: Margaret Sanders
Michelle Anne Johnson: Sara Johnston
Paul Parducci: Capt. Kyle Henning
Kathleen M. Darcy: Ellie Nelson
John Sanchez: Child Advocate
Maximillian Roeg: Skyler Nelson (as Max Roeg)
Kirsten Severson: Lab Worker

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Did that sound too squinty?

* Angela: Funny is Will Ferrell sweetie. Hot is Colin Ferrell.

* Booth: Sorry Bones. Angela didn’t get the same training that the rest of you got on Planet Vulcan.

* Bones: Tell you what. If I can’t respect the law I can at least respect you.

* Bones: Charlie was just like you. Someone Margaret chose to love.

* Bones: Booth. I knew you’d back me up. I knew you wouldn’t make me a liar.
Booth: How’d you know?
Bones: Because you want to go to heaven.
Booth: But you don’t believe in heaven.
Bones: But you do.

Synopsis: Bones is giving a speech, that Booth interrupts for a dead body of a little boy found behind a suburban mall. At the scene Zach has to put on the thermal imaging outfit. He finds remains that are still producing heat. Back at the lab they go over the remains. Hodgins concludes he’s been dead only a day or two. Angela reconstructs the face with a sketch. Bones concludes that it’s the missing little boy. They interview the mother. Her other kids come home and he offers to try and fix their broken video game. Back at the lab the team is being forced to go to a banquet. Booth is able to fix the video game system. Zack is disturbed by the bones and how small they are. Bones tells Zack about when she had to go to Waco and identify 17 children. She teaches him about compartmentalizing to detach emotionally. Back at the house the truth comes out. They were all the mall, not the park. Charlie was taken at the mall. Angela breaks down the surveillance footage from the mall. She is trying to find the boys on the footage. She finds him. They can’t make out who the kid walks up to because he is obstructed. Booth sees the bones of Charlie and he is affected. Charlie did have a health condition and was technically disabled. He had scoliosis. Bones also comes to the conclusion that Charlie might not be the son of his mother. She is having Zack check for hereditary diseases in his DNA. If his mother doesn’t have any then, she is not his biological mother. The tests come back to Hypophosphatemia. Booth and Bones question the mother. He was a foster child from Pittsburg. She maintained a relationship with Charlie and his mother. She found Charlie’s mom dead on Christmas Eve, dead with a needle in her arm. So she took him. Booth arrests her and Bones is outraged with him. The other two kids will go back into the system. Bones storms out of Booths office. Back at the lab they are talking about Hodgins and they connect back to the Cantilever Group. Hodgins tells Bones that the particulates are fluoride. Booth tells Bones that Angela has a face for the kidnapper. It’s his foster brother, Sean Cook. They question Sean. Booth shows him a scar. Sean shows him his scars. Bones is protective of Sean. Back at the lab Angela has a chat with Hodgins. She calls him out about the Cantilever Group. He doesn’t want anyone to know. The fluoride levels are found in industrial products per Hodgins. Booth tries to get back in Bones good graces by getting the brothers into emergency care. He breaks the pencil accidentally and it gives Bones the idea of compression. Hodgins stops Booth and Angela and asks them to keep his secret. He doesn’t want to go to the banquet because the other members will make a big deal. All he wants to do is work in the lab on his slime and bugs. The Angelatron works it magic and the weight of the killer is 86.6kg or 190 pounds. The foster mother and two brothers are not big enough. Bones wants to talk to Charlie to try and find out who the man is. She talks to Sean and tells him she knows he didn’t get Charlie. She tells him what’s it like to be a foster kid. She makes a promise to Sean that she may not be able to keep. He’s worries that Margaret hates him now. Bones tells him otherwise. Sean hugs Bones and while they hug he gives her the name. They arrest Edward Nelson. At the lab everyone is affected. At Boot’s office Sean and David are reunited with Margaret. Booth comes to Bones office and they got all the evidence to lock him up. He apologizes to Bones because of the foster care thing. She admits that she was in the foster care system until her grandfather got her out. Dr. Goodman is still trying to force everyone to the banquet. He tells them they are to talk about what they do. And Angela is disgusted. She says Zack’s work is removing flesh from corpses, Hodgins dissects bugs that have been eating people’s eyeballs and that her job is to draw death masks. Dr. Goodman tells her she gives victims back their humanity, their faces, their identities and that she reminds them that that is why they do this. For humanity. She hugs him. Booth swoops into to have Hodgins analyze some dirt so he doesn’t have to go to the banquet.

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