Bones S01, Ep03 – The Boy in the Tree

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: The Boy in the Tree
Original Air Date: September 27, 2005

Guest Stars:
José Zúñiga: Mickey Santana
Heavy D: Sid Shapiro
Mark Totty: Leo Sanders
Tom Dugan: Headmaster Ronson
Marlene Forte: Ambassador Olivos
Gary Carlos Cervantes: Oraldo (as Carlos Cervantes)
Mandy June Turpin: Dawn St. James
Nicholas Hormann: Mr. Destry
Chris Conner: Oliver Laurier

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Don’t call me Bones.

* Hodgins: We all went to private school and none of us are criminals.

* Booth: Finally, a squint with an open mind.
Angela: You have no idea how open-minded I can be.

* Bones: So let me just get this right. I’m the tactless and insensitive one?
Booth: Ok, look. The girl lied to a federal agent during the investigation of the death of a boy that she loves.

Synopsis: Hodgins and Angela complain about being bored and wanting a new murder case. Zack gets dumped by a chick, but does not understand. Booth and Bones take Zack to examine a dead body found hanging from a tree at a prestigious prep school. They get to the body and the Sheriff is friendly. The headmaster wants the case closed quickly. Birds start munching on the body, the head falls off and Dr. Brennan catches it. A few moments later the rest of the body falls too. Back at the lab they start to analyze the body. Dr. Brennan finds a cochlear implant. At the school Booth interviews the headmaster and head of security and all they care about is containing publicity. They simply assume that the boy has committed suicide and try to pressure Booth to go with that explanation. Booth goes back to the lab and gets the run down on the victim and what they’ve determined so far. They get called into a meeting and are informed that if it’s not determined as a murder the investigation will end. Dr. Brennan declares it a murder so that she can complete the investigation. Booth and Bones inform the parents and she gives the mother back the religious medal that he was wearing. They talk to the school psychologist and she also pushes for suicide as cause of death. At the Chinese restaurant they discuss the murder over the food and the owner freaks out. The room mate gets interviewed but he’s evasive, but his parents make him tell the truth. The Ambassador comes to the lab to speak with Bones. She hands her a dvd and they watch it together. Bones promises Nestors’ mother that she will find out the truth. In Angela’s office they use her Angela-tron to try and figure out the hyoid break. Booth goes back to the school to search Hectors’ room again, but someone beats them to it. Bones and Booth take him on, they win. The man was sent from the Ambassador’s office to see if someone could break into the school. He succeeded in proving that someone can get past security into the school. Back at Nestors’ room Booth tells Bones to look at through an anthropologist’s eyes. They discover a dvd in a cd case. And that it’s Nestor having sex with a girl. They question the headmaster and he’s doesn’t even bat an eyelash. Booth threatens to arrest the headmaster. They interview the girl in the video with Nestor and she lies. So Booth plays the video to get her attention and the truth. They meet with the sheriff to get the tapes and her nonchalance about them upsets Booth and Bones. While going through the sex tapes they find one of Nestors’ roommate having sex with one of the students mothers. They question the room mate again for answers. At the lab they discover that he had a drug in his system, ketamine, that would prevent him from fighting back. Dr. Brennan makes a new discover and they run it on the Angela-tron. She now believes its suicide but Booth still thinks it’s murder. Angela goes through his computer and based on the video the girl knew the camera was there. They use an interview technique and get the truth. She turns on the room mate to save her own skin. Booth and Bones tell the ambassador the truth about her son. And she comforts the Ambassador by telling her he was a good man. Back at the Chinese restaurant Booth gets a bit possessive of the space. Dr. Brennan gives him a platform access card.

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