Bones S01, Ep02 – The Man in The SUV

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: The Man in the SUV
Original Air Date: September 20, 2005

Guest Stars:
José Zúñiga: Mickey Santana (as Jose Zuniga)
Bahar Soomekh: Sahar Masruk
David Roberson: DHS Agent Bennett Gibson (as Dave Roberson)
Anne Dudek: Tessa Jankow
Federico Dordei: Ali Ladjavardi
Nicholas Massouh: Farid Masruk
Tracy Howe: Officer
Said Faraj: Hamid Masruk

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: You know it’s ok to be upset.
Bones: I wish this is the worst thing I’d seen.

* Angela: Please, she’s been sleeping alone for months. She has enough pent up sexual energy to power a small Midwestern city.

* Bones: You can always count on the dead.

* Bones: You keep changing the subject. I get it. You’re sensitive about you and Tessa.

* Booth: Fanaticism and logic don’t go hand in hand.

Synopsis: Booth and Brennan are called to a car bomb scene outside of a restaurant. Angela goes with Tempe, but the scene is too much for her to handle. Agent Gibson asks Dr. Brennan to confirm if it is Hamid Masruk, he’s been working with the president. Zack comes on scene and takes photos. Back at the lab Dr. Brennan confirms there is no flesh left to get a confirmation from. They are confused why if he was targeting the president he’d blow up a cafe. Hodgins goes off on a conspiracy theory tangent. Bones makes him stop. Booth and Gibson come on the platform and annoy Dr. Brennan. Booth and Bones argue. It’s currently an act of terrorism and therefore highest priority. In a special container they put the flesh eating beetles in with the remains to clean the bones. At the FBI they interview Hamid’s wife and brother. In the lab Zack and Hodgins are doing an analysis on the bombs chemicals as Bones returns. Gibson harasses Bones. Angela comes into Tempe’s office to check on her. She tries to explain what happened at the crime scene but Bones tells her it’s ok. Angela tries to convince Bones to go with her to a club. Zack comes in to tell her the bones are clean. She identifies the bones are Hamid’s. Gibson tries to pull rank on Dr. Brennan, but she tells him off. Bones goes to Booth and tells him that she has confirmed the bones are Hamid’s. Booth has a girlfriend over and they introduce each other. They leave his apartment and go to Booth’s office, where they argue. They are informed that a bomb was planted in Hamid’s car and he’s not a terrorist but a murder victim. They tell his wife, but she is furious. Booth tries to smooth it over, but fails. After the wife leaves, Booth states he thinks she was having an affair. Bones is livid at him for saying that. Bones goes back to the lab. She checks in with Zack and Hodgins. Dr. Brennan examines the bones more closely and suspects toxin exposure. At the brother’s house things seem amiss. The brother, Farid, confirms that his brothers wife was having an affair. They ask about his condition and he consents to share his medical records. At the lab Angela, Zack and Hodgins gossip about Booth and Brennan. Hodgins discovers Gypsum was used to insulate the bomb. Booth is interviewing the man that is having an affair with Hamid’s wife. Booth’s boss comes in and ends the interview. The “boyfriend” is undercover for Homeland Security and off limits. Booth is driving Brennan and he is rather upset because part of his investigation has been shut down. Brennan sympathizes. He gets snarky and she brings up his days as a sniper. Back at the lab, Bones has the brothers medical records and tells her crew to compare them. Hodgins has reconstructed the bomb and Zack has reconstructed the skull. Angela is on the hunt for Tessa (Booth’s current squeeze) and finds her in a coffee shop. She works her magic. Hodgins and Zack are unable to test the marrow as it’s degraded. Zack states that the deceased liver wasn’t functioning correctly. They can’t test the flesh because there isn’t any. But the beetles ate the flesh, so they grind up some to find out what the toxin is. Tempe asks Angela to do a facial reconstruction of the skull. Booth gets upset at Zack because of bomb reconstruction. Hodgins has pinned down the toxin: dioxin. Based on his levels they are able to figure out when he was exposed, first week in June. The go back to visit the boyfriend and Booth unleashes Bones on him as she is not in the FBI. He gets an attitude with Bones, tries to grab her and she drops him. Back at the lab, Zack and Hodgins are still analyzing the bomb. Booth thinks that the wife has poisoned the husband. But Tempe defends Hamid’s wife. Zack calls Bones with details on the material in the bomb and where it was made: Woodley Park. This where Farid lives. They race over to Farid’s. Booth breaks in his door. Bones finds a small chemistry lab. She tells Hodgins what’s there. Hodgins says that’s how you make dioxin. Bones finds that Farid is still a practicing Muslim and the bomb maker. His date book had 5:30pm circled. They’re trying to figure out the target. There is a peace conference at Hamilton Cultural Center, this is the target. At the center they go to higher ground to have a better view. Tempe identifies Farid, but Booth is unsure until he gets a face. Bones calls his name, he turns around and Booth takes the shot. The bomb does not get set off. At Booth’s restaurant he’s upset. Tempe tries to comfort him by telling him how many lives he saved. Bones goes back to her office and continues identifying bones from World War 1.

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