Family Matters S01, Ep01 – The Mama Who Came To Dinner

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: The Mama Who Came to Dinner
Original Air Date: September 22, 1989

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriet: We’re talking about your Mother, not a magician.

* Eddie: You mean to tell me I was nice for nothing?

* Rachel: She was but I killed him off in Chapter 6.
Harriet: You’re the writer, bring him back to life.
Rachel: I can’t he was eaten by a shark. It’s hard to bounce back from that.
Harriet: You I know you are the creative one in the family. But I’ve got to tell you, the shark part is stinking up your book.

* Carl: Well she likes you.
Harriet: She’s your mother.
Carl: Is that all you got?
Harriet: That’s all I need.

* Carl: I want this to work.
Mother Winslow: I do too. I’m running out of sons.

Synopsis: Carl’s mother is coming and he freaks out. He’s worried she will put him on a diet and take over. Laura is watching Little Ritchie in the kitchen. She won’t let Judy hold him and she whines. Eddie comes down stairs and announces he’s going to do a bunch of chores. They are suspicious. He wants to go to a TV party. The catch is it’s past his curfew. He’s not taking no for an answer, so he’s of to do chores. The doorbell rings and it’s Mother Winslow. Rachel tries to bring in all the luggage and it weighs more than her. Laura and Judy come down to greet their grandma. They talk and discuss princes that she may have met. Harriet and Carl bring out refreshments. The girls are told to go clean their room. And what Carl was dreading happens, she says she’s gonna put him on a diet. Eddie comes in, and gives his grandma a hug. Eddie brings up the party again and Carl tells him he’s not going. Eddie storms out. Rachel’s in the kitchen feeding Ritchie and Harriet asks when the next chapter of her book will be ready. It’s revealed the main love interest was eaten by shark. That’s hard to come back from. Mother Winslow comes into the kitchen asking about dinner. Harriet tells her it will be ready soon. Rachel excuses herself to change Ritchie and her clothes. Harriet puts Mother Winslow out of the kitchen. Rachel’s working on her book again and Laura comes in. She’s working on her book, but the shark issue comes back up. Laura is worried that Carl is going to throw grandma out of the house. Rachel calms her. Back in the kitchen Mother Winslow is insistent on dinner and she takes Carl’s place at the head of the table. Eddie comes in dressed up. Carl asks why and he plays it off for grandma. Grandma brings up the party. Eddie states that Carl won’t let him go. When it’s explained they are just watching tv grandma thinks its a bit much. She tells him he can go. Carl’s having none of it. Eddie gets upset and storms off. In the living room Harriet informs Carl that Eddie is staying in his room. Carl is mad because he doesn’t want her overstepping her bounds. He tries to make Harriet talk to her, but she refuses. Carl goes out on the back patio to talk to his mother. They have a chat and come to an understanding. Carl goes to talk to Eddie. He changes his curfew to 11pm and lets him go to the party. The ladies are singing downstairs and Carl joins them.

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