Bones S01, Ep01 – The Pilot

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: Pilot
Original Air Date: September 13, 2005

Guest Stars:
Sam Trammell: Ken Thompson
Chris Conner: Oliver Laurier
Larry Poindexter: Senator Bethlehem
Tyrees Allen: Ted Eller
Bonita Friedericy: Sharon Eller
Dominic Fumusa: Peter St. James
David Roberson: DHS Agent Bennett Gibson (as Dave Roberson)
Naja Hill: Cleo Eller
John Sterling Carter: FBI Director

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Tell me you tried excuse me, first.

* Bones: Look I’m sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friends, but next time you should identify yourself.

* Booth: When the cops get stuck we bring in people like you, squints. To, you know, squint at things.
Bones: You mean people with very high IQ’s and basic reasoning skills.

* Bones: Stalk me Oliver and I will kick your ass.

Synopsis: Angela goes to the airport to pick up Dr. Brennan but the arrivals board is not working. Angela flashes an airport employee to get an answer. As they are leaving a Homeland Security agent tries to stop her, but Bones lays him out. He demands her bag with a skull. They hold her and Booth comes to get her. He tells her about a decomposed corpse at the Arlington Cemetery. They argue and she takes off. She agrees to help if she gets full participation in the case. The body is in the pond at the cemetery. They remove the body and bring it back to the Jeffersonian. Dr. Hodgins bug analyses says the body was in the pond, one winter and two summers. He also says he found some small bones that he thinks are frog bones. Dr. Brennan reconstructs the skull and Angela creates a face. The victim is Cleo Eller. Booth and Bones argue over her participation in the case. They inform the FBI Director and he is not happy. Booth and Bones inform the Eller’s that their daughter is dead. When they examine the “frog bones” more closely they discover that Cleo was pregnant. Bones tells Angela Cleo’s life story based on what she saw in her bones. Angela thinks maybe Bones connects too much. They go to talk to the Senator but he refuses to cooperate. He spits out his gum, Bones grabs it. His aide tries to stop her and she lays him out on the floor. They get called on the carpet by the FBI Director. They are taken off the case. Booth and Bones talk to the stalker. The stalker says that Ken got the restraining order. That he only cared about his fish. They recreate the murder hypothesis. Booth is an ass. Bones goes to the range to shoot off some steam. Booth follows her to the range to harass her. Bones goes to Booth’s office. He got a warrant to search the Senator’s office. The search comes up with nothing. Bones goes to Ken’s house, she tells Angela to call Booth. When she arrives he is destroying evidence and trying to burn everything down. He pulls a lighter and she shoots him in the leg. Booth comes in. Bones doesn’t understand why he did it. The team attends Cleo’s funeral.

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