Welcome to Hot in Cleveland Forever!

Hello and welcome to my website “Hot in Cleveland Forever.” I have created this website to honor Hot in Cleveland and the actresses who brought these characters to life in so many wonderful ways.

Thank you Jane, Wendie, Valerie and of course Betty White for giving us six seasons and five years of love, laughter, insanity and Joy!

With love, thanks and great appreciation,

*** This site, when all is said and done, will contain no less than the synopsis of every episode, as well as the guest stars, my favorite quotes, and if my fingers don’t give out from exhaustion, the transcript of each episode. Every night at 10 eastern/7pm pacific a new piece of content will be added. All the episodes (128 total episodes) will be included. Additionally, there will be 180 video clips and 146 quote photos.***


If you have any questions please see the “Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc.

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