Book: 2nd Chance [Women’s Murder Club series #2] by James Patterson

This is the 2nd in the Women’s Murder Club series. I will be posting a review off all ten of the books currently published in the series this month. I have challenged myself to read them all in the month of march.

I don’t want to spoil these books so instead of full reviews it’ll be more like a teaser. Reading these books are really fun and fast paced. So many books that I have read I have had to force myself to keep reading because the book takes forever to progress. Thankfully, this series does not have that problem.

In this book Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer is investigating a series of murders that at first seem to have to no connection to each other. But a symbol, the Chimera, is at crime scenes. And old women is hung and there is a chimera in that location. Another murder takes place at a church. A gunman shoots up the church, yet only kills a single victim. The getaway vehicle has a chimera sticker on it. Both victims are related to San Francisco Police officers as well. What does it mean? These are only the first two murders. And then Homeland Security walks in the door.

Did I mention Cindy gets a new boyfriend?

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