Book: 3rd Degree [Women’s Murder Club series #3] by James Patterson

As the title suggests this is the 3rd in the series. It starts off quite dramatically. Lindsay is out running with her dog. She passes by a house and it explodes. She runs into the burning inferno and saves a little boy. Then after getting some oxygen sees a weird looking bag left behind. She instantly believes it’s a bomb.

The investigation quickly shows these horrific acts to be the work of an activist group and their depraved political agenda. This bombing is only the beginning of their reign of terror. Each murder they commit follows a different MO. To make sure they get credit for the work but aren’t blamed for acts of terror they didn’t commit they open a line of communication with Cindy Thomas.

What’s worse is that a member of the Women’s Murder Club is threatened. But is it by the terrorist group or something closer to home? And will she survive?

As Lindsay and her team search and track down these killers and their emails they are led across the bay to Berkeley and a very odd professor who teaches at that same college.

And while Lindsay found and saved the little boy a relative comes forward asking about his sister. Where is she?

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