Book: 1st To Die [Women’s Murder Club series #1] by James Patterson

This book is a page turning thriller from the start.

Someone is killing newlyweds. It’s horrific, it’s front page, and no one can believe the horror.

The lead Homicide Detective is Lindsay Boxer. She is given a new partner named Chris Raleigh. She’d rather work with Jacobi, but Chris grows on her.

The first murder takes place in a hotel in San Francisco. A plucky reporter named Cindy Thomas sneaks into the scene. Lindsay’s best friend, Claire is the medical examiner. And Jill, who’s in the district attorneys office eventually make up the Women’s Murder Club.

They follow the strange clues that are left at the scene. And they lead very neatly to their suspect.

Let’s just say the remainder of the book has more killings, gunplay, high speed chases, doubts, a near death experience, an unexpected romance and an ending that you have to read to believe. I’d love to say more but I don’t want to spoil the book.

I will say this book is one of my favorites. I can read it over and over…and I have.

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