The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep03 – Stone Roadblock

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 3

Title: Stone Roadblock

Original Air Date: November 16, 2021

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The team at the money pit ask about the piece of metal that was found. Rick tells them that it had gold, 700ppm. The team now has a grid laid out to find the money pit. They are also trying to find as many tunnels as they can and map them out. They begin to drill hole B-4. Marty, Craig and Dan Henske have traveled to St. Mary’s. Marty asks Dan if he thinks there is treasure on Oak Island. Dan’s response, “I’m more sure there is treasure on Oak Island than I am that the sun will rise tomorrow. They’ve taken the piece of metal that had the gold trace on it to Dr. Brousseau for further testing. They use a scanning electron microscope to analyze the pieces of metal. It will give a precise make up. There is iron but no manganese. They do find pyrite. He does find something very bright. The bright spot is gold. There is also copper and silver. It would have been rose gold. That same afternoon, Rick and other team members work on the stone road in the swamp. They plan to unzip the area and have Gary metal detector in the hopes of finding some items. Gary finds pottery shards that are good sized. There is black glass too. A number of pieces, they may have the majority of the bottle or container. It’s the most pieces of any artifact that has been found. They even find the top or the neck. Laird dates it to 1770s to 1780s. They also found about two feet from top to bottom of stacked cobbles. They have Steve come out and survey the new section as well as log its coordinates and elevations. Steve determines that it does work with the stone path already discovered. Rick asks him to also project the line to see where it goes. Marty meets with the team after returning from St. Mary’s. He tells them this gold is a meso American mixture from South America. It could be Aztec stolen by the Spanish. The next morning work continues in the swamp on the new feature. Laird finds some very degraded pottery. He thinks its Migmaw pottery. Laird has been expecting to find Migmaw artifacts. There is a video chat between Laird, Marty, Rick and Craig. He informs Rick and Craig that it’s Migmaw. A meeting took place with the oversight. But they have to provide the possibly of a sight visit. Due to the artifact find they may be forced to stop work permanently. They are trying to find a way to move forward. Steve has now updated the image with the new information he has added as well as the projected information that was requested of him. The path that they just uncovered projects to the money pit on the map. It goes just north of C-1 a few feet. In the money pit, the C-1 cluster continues being drilled. They bring over 83 to 89 feet. There’s a little wood at the bottom. This next sample goes to 93 feet. It has sawn wood. It looks cut with a hand saw. Terry thinks it could be the floor planks of a tunnel. That afternoon Rick goes to the war room to meet with the team and Laird. There is an update on the southeast corner of the swamp. The Migmaw find results. The results of the location are submitted to the first nation and the government. They are forced to stop work on that site immediately. Everything has to be reviewed. They have now been given more restrictions on where they can dig. Billy points out that you can drive to the mainland and dig wherever. Marty and Rick own the island, but the government is taking away their right to dig on their own property. Marty is so angry and upset that he may give up after this season. Rick rallies the team to move forward.

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