The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep24 – Silver Lining

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 24

Title: Silver Lining

Original Air Date: April 27, 2021

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At the money pit, they are trying to find the tunnel and digging to 118 feet to find it. In the war room, there is a video meeting with Dr. Spooner. He suggests testing the water in the holes they drill. It will contain traces of the material directly around it. He wants to check 12 holes. They plan to move forward with that. Gary and David go to the shoreline on Lot 32 to metal detect. It takes a while, but Gary gets a hit. He finds the trigger guard from a firearm. His next find is a lead bag seal. He stops to take it to the research center and will come back to finish. In the research center, Laird and Rick are waiting for Gary and David. The trigger guard gets a little bit of excitement. Gary then shows Laird the lead piece. Laird knows what it is. Back in the swamp, the team spits up and searches the two points of interest. Rick is working at the path. In the money pit, C11.5 continues to be dug. Dr. Spooner has also arrived and brought several people with him to begin the water study. They use a double bailer to take the sample. Water flows through it freely as it goes down, but once it’s pulled up the two balls inside stay in their lowest position, so no other water goes it. They start with hole C1. In the Uplands, Aaron checks on Rick and his teams digging for clues. Rick finds some pieces of pottery. He’s happy that in this area that he is finding things. Each piece he finds he puts into a bucket. He is happy that he is finding so many little things. He finds a strange item and takes it over for inspection. Aaron thinks its either creamware or yellowware. He thinks it is the base from a creamware bowl that was made in England. For Aaron it is the most exciting piece that has been found for him this year. Back in the money pit, they are now checking another core from C11.5. Suddenly, the drill drops 18 feet. It turned out to be nothing though. In the research center, Laird has the lead bag seal under a microscope. It could be from the Templars. It could date back to the 1300s. In the war room, Dr. Spooner gives the results for the water analysis. Three of the holes have spikes in silver and several other metals. So he determines that in proximity to those three holes are a large quantity of silver.

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