The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep 22 – Be There or T Square

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 22

Title: Be There or T Square

Original Air Date: April 13, 2021

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Rick calls Marty from the island. There is a new discovery in the swamp. He is told about digging up the piece of what they think is a ship railing that was 9 to 10 feet down. Today’s plan is to expand the hole and see what’s below. In the swamp, they were forced to install another pump. A fall storm has brought in a lot of rain. Billy starts digging again. Thanks to the storm, Billy is digging a lot of slop up too, so the digging is slower. Doug points out a big timber that he spots. Billy has hit something very solid at the same depth. But because so much water has gone back into the swamp it is very unstable. Chunks of sloppy dirt and mud keep breaking off. The more digging Billy does, the more muck and mud collapse back in. They are forced to stop until they can fix the problem of the water flowing back in. They will have to come up with a plan. Sadly, because the season is nearly over work on this has to stop until next spring. They will have to build a coffer damn all around this object to keep water out. They just have Billy fill it back in for winter. The Ball foundation is next. They have excavated the cellar. It’s quite large for just storing vegetables. They also find a metal hinge. They find some wood that Laird says looks like a door. It would open to deeper ground. At the eastern edge of the swamp, Dr. Spooner and company are focusing on the stone pathway. They have Billy dig off layers evenly. They discover more cribbing. Gary gets a hit metal detecting as well. It’s not metal, its wood. Dr. Aaron Taylor thinks it’s a tool, possibly a carpenter’s square. At the research center, Marty is shown the carpenter’s square. Doug researched it and found it’s a stone mason’s tool. Marty heads to the Ball foundation to see the possible doorway embedded in the floor. In the war room, they video chat with Mr. Stevenson. He shares his thoughts. It links up to documents from the late Zena Halperin. He has a cipher that links to the 90-foot stone and also Zena’s work. It all links to the freemasons. He thinks it is a set of navigational instructions. It refers to an altar. He thinks the alter is the center point of Nolan’s Cross. He believes the Templars hid religious artifacts on Oak Island and that now he knows where they are located. He plans out his math. He gives them a targe Z where he believes that treasure is. This point also corresponds to one of the four points from the Barringer survey. The depth to dig is only 40 feet. Rick wants to dig it. The next day they take a rig over to point Z. The first core sample comes up. Terry doesn’t find any evidence it’s bene disturbed. It’s now to 29 feet, the sample. It’s a sandy blue till. The next core is put in plastic and it’s different. At 39 to 49 feet, there is a boulder that has been drilled through. Marty thinks the deciphering of the code is amazing, but that the starting point, the altar was not correct. That’s why they only found a boulder. Over at the swamp, Gary is metal detecting. As the spot gets dug, water fills in a little. A massive piece of iron is pulled out. It is bent and possibly broken. It appears to be a broken ringbolt. They take it to Aaron and the other archeologists to get their thoughts. Aaron says it’s been burned badly. That afternoon, Rick, team members and the archeologists all meet. It’s about the T Square. 1632-1668 is where it carbon 14 dated. It is pre-money pit.

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