Criminal Minds S03,Ep07 – Identity

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 7

Title: Identity

Original Air Date: November 7, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects.” — Martin Luther

* JJ: A woman is missing. You’d think they’d want to help us.
Rossi: They want to help her, not us.

* Man: FBI? You look like a pipe cleaner. I could snap you like a twig.

* Morgan: What started you thinking about coming back?
Rossi: Unfinished business.

* Morgan: There’s one thing you’ll learn about me Rossi. I’m relentless. I’ll find out.


A man is driving down the highway in Utah. He races by a cop, who pursues. It’s a stolen car so the police give chase. He pulls over. He has a gun and a hand grenade. He sticks his hand out the window, but he’s pulled the pin on the grenade. It blows and kills him and injures one officer. At the office, Reid is discussing that it took 19 years to build the first Death Star. Several of the team check out Rossi’s new office. They try to profile it. Rossi walks in on them and gives them some information. He informs them they have a case. JJ informs them of the three missing women in Montana that can’t be found. A fourth woman is also missing. She was only abducted this morning, so they assume she is still alive. On the plane, Reid is building a topographical map. They profile the man who committed suicide too. They arrive and learn the officer died. The son of the abducted woman is brought to the scene. Garcia runs a full background on the dead suspect. He has a violent history, and his name was Goring. They speak with the missing woman’s husband. They ask him to tell them every memory and moment he can remember. Reid and Rossi go to visit Goring’s last known address. Rossi has to get aggressive to get answers. They are shown where he lived. Rossi notes he does not sleep there. Reid asks Rossi about his books. Rossi finds a chest with pictures. Below the shelf are a collection of home movies. The team watches them. Based on what he says the women could still be alive. Mrs. Goring comes in but is not happy about it. She tells them that when the militia saw what he did to her, they threw him out. It was the last time she saw him. When her parents died, he took the nine acres her parents left to her. They go to the location and begin to search. Angela is found, but she is dead. She is still warm. They realize that Goring has a partner. They said up a roadblock with a 40 miles radius. Rossi picks Morgan to go talk to the militia leader and JJ goes with him. Not faces they would expect to see. They find plenty of supplies. They find the rosebushes. They realize they are the headstones for the dead women. Morgan and JJ arrive at the bar asking for Harris Townsend. They get him. It’s quite an interesting conversation and history lesson. To get there attention Morgan details what Goring did to the dead women. He describes the man who followed Goring around to Morgan. The rest of the team goes into the house on the property. Rossi finds video tapes with the names of the missing women. He has rules on the wall. They move into the bedroom where the women were clearly tortured. They find a collection of tools for torture. The women’s bodies are recovered and taken to the coroner’s office. Goring’s partner is in the process of transforming himself into Goring. He dies his hair and then cuts his face to have a scar. Garcia watched every frame of all the videos. There was no sign of the partner visible in any of them. Emily realizes that the partner is in love with Goring. Now they need to know who bought a lot of roses. That would have been the partner’s job. JJ finds a shop and learns that he works there. His name is Henry Frost. His home is trashed, and all the pictures have been burned. The transformed partner abducts a woman at a gas station. The attendant sees the abduction. She calls the police. She shows them the security footage of the guy. They can see he’s transformed himself into his version of Goring. Henry is driving and the woman is constantly screaming to be let out. He’s taken her to a mountainous area and has her on a rope. Emily spots the picture of Goring, and they learn where it was taken. That’s where they head. Out at the rock she tries to talk to him. The leader of the militia is the sharpshooter that is brought in. Rossi heads off with the sharpshooter. Hotch tries to distract Frost. Hotch realizes he is not Goring and can’t act like him. The sharpshooter realizes that Rossi sent the two to his bar. They discuss Ruby Ridge. Hotch gets him upset enough that he moves far enough away for the sharpshooter to take the shot. The woman is saved. Morgan and Rossi discuss a few FBI failures and how it lead him to leave the agency.

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