The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep11 – Rocky Road

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 11

Title: Rocky Road

Original Air Date: January 19, 2021

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Craig checks in on the money pit. Marty points out they have to go deeper as each time they ran into problems in the past they stopped. Wood has been found around 156 feet. This is an investigation of OC1. They decide to dig all the way to the bedrock. They want to know if this timber they found is original or searcher. The next sample has some small pieces of wood. This is at 185 feet. Craig says it’s too deep to be the Hamilton extension. Dr. Spooner, Rick and Gary are working in the swamp where it’s been drained. Three archeologists are working to discover what is there. It’s clearly a cobbled road. The paved area dates back to 1200 AD. They are wondering if this is linked to that. Billy clears more area and comes across a beam. Is it part of what was uncovered or something else? Gary yells for Rick, he’s got a hit. Rick digs it up, then he pinpoints it. It looks like a gold-colored handle that could be from a ship. Gary thinks it could be low grade gold. Everyone at the swamp has to take a look. Laird comes over to take a look as well. He says, “I always burst people’s bubble.” Laird tells them it looks like it’s painted gold; he points out that it’s soft. Gary wants to have it tested. Back at the money pit, Craig is supervising the drilling. Another shard of wood comes up in the sample. This is from 180 feet. There’s never been digging this deep in the money pit before. Later in the war room, Craig gives Marty an update on the money pit. He tells him wood was in OC1. Then DE 9.25 got to 180 and two pieces of wood at 180 and 181. There is nothing in any of the records to show anything that deep. Craig wonders if it could be part of the collapsed money pit. Three archaeologists and Scott Barlow meet at the serpent mound. They want to do a cross section by the birch tree. They start digging the section out. They think that this serpent mound could be spoils from the original money pit. Now at the bottom there is nothing. He finds the old root layer and fill. Rick and Gary join them. It’s decided that the serpent mound is rubble, not a serpent mount. It’s a spoils pile. These archeologists will now refocus on the swamp and it’s new features. Another day in the money pit at bore hole DE 9.25, Rick, Craig and others get briefed on what’s been found. They have found wood and evidence of a tunnel or the collapsed money pit. Rick wants them to dig to 200 to 210 feet. The next and final core sample from this drill at 210 feet is being inspected. It’s all pure and untouched before. They will add a new bore hole to the plan to try and trace the possible tunnel. Rich and Charles meet with a coin expert to have the gold item checked out. He starts by cleaning it with an ultrasonic cleaner. He finds its not modern. It could be a knob for a jewel chest. He says its brass. If it was gold it would need to be heavier. Gary and Rick are now searching the swamp feature. The orange flags are one’s Gary has already marked. The first spot has an issue, part of a tree that won’t move. There is also a large piece of timber which has iron in it. Rick tries to figure out how to dig the timber out. Gary thinks there is an old iron fastener in the wood. An excavator is brought over to dig it up. The timber is also cut. It’s a big and old iron spike. The rest will be dug up by hand. The pull it up and there are two iron spikes. Gary thinks its part of a ships dock. They ask Steve to GPS the log find.

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