Criminal Minds S03, Ep04 – Children of the Dark

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 4

Title: Children of the Dark

Original Air Date: October 17, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

“In the city, crime is taken as emblematic of class and race. In the suburbs though it’s intimate and psychological; resistant to generalization; a mystery of the individual’s soul.” — Barbara Ehrenreich

* Emily: PTA moms, gray flannel dads. These guys are killing the Cleavers.

* Hotch: You answer your door and the next thing you know; everyone you care about is gone.

* Foster Mom: What is all this?
Hotch: We have reason to believe Gary is on his way here to hurt you.
Foster Mom: Me? I don’t understand.
Reid: These murders are a rehearsal of what he wants to do to you.
Hotch: Because of what you did to him in this house.

* Hotch: He still has a chance. He doesn’t have to be you.
Gary: Maybe, maybe not. So let’s say we leave it up to him.

* Hotch: This is the job and I need to know that you can be objective.
Emily: And I need to know that I can be human.


A woman talks on the phone. A father and son are working on homework. The phone call cuts out. There is a knock at the door. The man answers it. A guy is holding a cat. It has a tag with a phone number. He asks for a phone to call the owners. He asks for a bag for the dead cat and is invited in. The two go in the kitchen to get a bag. When they return there is a second guy. The father tries to get them to leave. The blonde guy starts getting aggressive. He grabs a club. At the BAU, they look at the crime scene photos. All were murdered. It’s the third family. Emily notices the first two invasions were 20 days apart. The third one was only 9 days later. On the plane, they discuss the case. JJ points out that the kids were all killed by injection while the parents were violently killed. They reach the scene and analyze it. Hotch runs through it. He finds the porch light not working. The bulb is unscrewed. The killers had to either know them or lie their way in. Reid talks to the neighbor who was returning the Pyrex. She tried calling them on her cell phone but couldn’t get a signal. But the next morning, she was able to call the police on her cell phone. They realize a cell jammer must have been used. Garcia has pulled police reports in the area. Started with smaller crimes and worked up to murder. Morgan has analyzed the victims and there is no overlap. The pair are eating in a restaurant. The blonde doesn’t like the guy talking on his cell phone so he turns on the jammer. Another family is eating in the restaurant. The teenage girl makes a request that gets denied. She storms off. The blonde guy asks his friend if wants to go visit the home. He then demands he picks a family or he’ll take his turn. They pick the family from the restaurant. The blonde guy pulls the cat scam on the teenage girl. The whole family is now taken hostage. Later, the teenage girl is walking in the street. She almost gets run over. The team delivers the profile. JJ interrupts. There’s been another home invasion killing, but this time there is a survivor, the teenage girl. The team goes to the new scene. Emily and JJ interview the survivor. She tells them what happened. He called her Lucy. Morgan discovers that one of the killers took a souvenir. They now know about the cat ruse and that they call each other brothers. The quiet one is at his job, he’s putting a cat down. The blonde guy comes to visit. He’s pissed because it’s all over the news that she survived. Irvin, the quiet one, wants to stop. The blonde guy refuses. At the hospital Carrie is being discharged. In her room, she wakes up and sees the two killers in scrubs and screams. Emily and JJ run to her room. It’s a nightmare. Emily notices the flowers. Carrie said they all started arriving after the news broadcast. Emily calls Garcia to have the flowers tracked. Reid has figured out which house is where the pair turned into killers. In a house where they found the daughter being abused. Reid posits they could have been raised in a third person home, like a foster home. Emily comes in, she’s tracked down the flower sender. They go to the home. They find more dead bodies. The credit card was stolen. Garcia calls Morgan. Her search is extensive, but narrowed it down to 9. At the station, Carrie comes in. They show her the 9 photos that Garcia provided. She IDs Irvin, the quiet one. She expresses her guilt to Emily. Carrie asks why they did it. Emily tells her it might have something to do with what happened to them when they were younger. They go to Irvin’s work. At his work they learn that he is the onsite person for putting animals down. They go to visit the foster mom. A foster child comes downstairs to get milk, but she has the fridge locked and the key around her neck. She remembers the other kid, Gary. Irvin was separated from his sister. Her name was Lucy. Hotch gets a call, Irvin is coming in to work. The team surrounds him and arrests him. They question him but get nowhere. Emily thinks he might talk to Carrie because he thinks she is Lucy. Emily and Carrie go in to talk to Irvin. He tells her she looks like his sister. She asks him what happened to him that was so bad. He tells her about how his foster mom would put him in the bath to pray and hold his head down under the water until it would all go dark. Irvin says he wanted to stop, but Gary refused to stop. The other families were attacked because he wouldn’t go back to the foster home. Hotch and the team go to the foster house. They explain what’s going on. She tells them that she is supposed to go pick up the children from school. Hotch says an agent will pick them up. Gary is at the school, waiting to pick up the two foster kids. He puts the two kids in his car. Hotch arrives at the school for Emily to tell them witnesses saw them leave with Gary. Reid calls, Gary and the kids are at a donut shop two miles from the school. The girl comes up to the car with a note. A SWAT team comes in. Hotch reads the note, “If you come in I’ll kill him.” Hotch calls the donut shop to speak with Gary. He takes the call and uses the boy as a body shield. Hotch has a short call with Gary. The boy, Todd, comes out. Gary surrenders. Morgan tries to get the kids moved. Social Services won’t do anything until there is a full investigation. At the station, Hotch talks to Gary. He wants to know why he walked out the door. Morgan and Emily take the two kids back to the foster home. Morgan gives Todd his card in case he needs help. JJ sits in the donut shop coordinating a press conference. The donut shop owner tells the officer that Gary had a gun. They didn’t find it on Gary. Reid comments that a gun doesn’t just walk away. Hotch calls Morgan. Gunshots go off in the house. Morgan and Emily race in. He shot the pictures on the wall because they are lies. Morgan manages to get the gun from Todd. At the station, Emily tells Hotch she could take Carrie. He thinks she can’t be objective. She just wants to be human. Her family from LA is coming. Hotch calls his wife to speak with his son. JJ tells Emily that Carrie’s family are good people. But JJ tells her she thinks Emily with kinds is a good idea.

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