The Curse of Oak Island S08,Ep06 – Seaing is Believing

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 6

Title: Seaing is Believing

Original Air Date: December 15, 2020

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A core sample from the current bore hole is pulled from a depth of 108 to 128. It’s H5.5. They are going for a deeper depth on this hole. It should go to at least 175 feet. For now, it’s boring backfill. In the war room, they have another video meeting with Erin Helton. This meeting is about the lead cross that was found. They sent her a 3d model of the cross. She printed her own cross. She has him use a square to draw angles and lines off of it. She asks him to lay it over the map she sent. It lines up with two of the anchors. He notices the hole hits the square triangle. Marty wants to know if the cross represents anything. Erin thinks it might be a protractor hiding in plain sight. Rick meets Dr. Spooner at the swamp. He wants to probe the drop off site on the sonar scans. The pair hops in a dingy and paddles over to the spot. Dr. Spooner starts pushing the probe down. He hits something hard. It’s a flat stone feature. Dr. Spooner wants to keep probing to see how long and far it goes. As more stone is discovered, Dr. Spooner puts stakes in to continue marking this structure. It’s nearly a perfect line. Rick calls Marty. He puts Dr. Spooner on. He tells him that he found a 20 foot wide and 75 foot long road. It connects from land to the beach. Marty is shocked as they drained the swamp twice and didn’t find it. The next morning, Dr. Spooner and Tony Sampson (diver) get together with some team members to come up with a plan for this area of the swamp. That requires permits, but Tony can explore the water not on the island. Dr. Spooner has some older maps and wants to compare them with what is actually there now. It has been suspected that the swamp was not originally a swamp. He wants to know if the structure in the swamp extends into the ocean. He knows where the shore was at different points in time. He wants to compare where they are now and try to find features that would be part of it. They will do sonar around the side of the swamp first thing in the morning. Steve is searching for an “old steel anchor ring in boulder” with Doug and Gary and Rick. Fred Nolan found one and removed it. His sone things that there are more. Some large boulders are found. Gary metal detects and gets a hit. It’s a part of a pot-bellied stove. They’ll take it to Carmen the blacksmith for analysis. Jack, Alex and Peter go to visit Carmen to check the iron piece found the day before on Lot 15. He says it’s the bottom part of a pot-bellied stove. It would have been used as a heater. He dates it to early 1700s. Dr. Spooner, Tony Samson and Alex are going to start the sonar scans along the coastline of the swamp. Dr. Spooner shows the map with the 1600s shoreline that they will be targeting. Dr. Spooner has put three different types of sonar scanners on Tony’s boat. Dr. Spooner requests they go out farther. Alex spots something that is sticking straight out. Tony thinks it looks like a ship. It could possibly be a shipwreck. Tony and Alex want to come back and dive the spot. They are now approaching the swamp area. There is something odd on the sonar screen. Tony is going to go out farther and come back to get a clearer image. Dr. Spooner thinks it’s the remnants of an old wharf. They want to dive this as well. They inform Marty and Rick what they found. The possible shipwreck is first. The second is the structure that looks like a wharf. Doug tells them about what looks like an old wharf in very old photos. Marty is excited and tells them to go do it.

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