The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep05 – The Master Plan

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 5

Title: The Master Plan

Original Air Date: December 8, 2020

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The equipment is brought into the money pit area for some drilling. A number of smaller bore holes will be drilled along a specified grid to try and locate the original money pit. The team heads to the trench with Dr. Spooner to begin to excavate. Gary jumps in to start metal detecting while others start cutting down trees to get better access. Gary exits and Billy brings over the backhoe. As they dig, it’s clear the area has been disturbed before. Billy halts digging so Dr. Spooner can take a closer look. So far all they have dug up is dirt. They go down another foot and find some smaller rocks. The smaller rocks are fitted together in the same manner as the paved area in the swamp, per Dr. Spooner. They dig along to see if the bit of stone wall continues and it does. Charles thinks it could mean the treasure hunt has been going on a lot longer than anyone has known. Dr. Spooner believes it demonstrates complex activity has taken place at this spot. They stop digging there for the day. Now there is a meeting in the war room where a new theory is going to be presented. Erin Helton, an expert in GIS, introduces herself. She lays out all her research. She expands the boulder locations and points out several boulders that are anchor points. She has found an old map published quite some time ago in Popular Mechanics. It has many features that have been lost in the hunts. She uses this data to mark the location of the money pit. Her spot lines up within three feet of the casing RF-1 which is what they think is the closest to the actual money pit. Steve gets a list of boulders that she would like locations confirmed on. Once that data is given to her she will quite possibly be able to give them the location of the treasure vault as well. The next day at the money pit, Marty checks in. Other team members are off collecting the data for Erin Helton. On the first bore hole they drill they find a void. It’s about 7 feet and down at a depth around 213 feet. They check the core sample for the area of 206 to 213 feet. The core sample does not provide the evidence they need. They move onto the next bore hole in the grid. Gary and Rick go to Lot 13. This is the second feature discovered from the prior episode. Gary begins to metal detect and gets a hit on modern iron, which he decides to skip. The next hit is better and Rick digs it. It looks like a decorative cabinet hinge or door lock. It’s on the lot that belonged to Anthony Graves. Steve and the team head off to find Erin Helton’s points on the map. The first coordinate leads them to a rock. It’s white. Gary points out that at that height and location you would see it from a boat. Jack unburies most of it. Steve takes a closer look and finds something that looks like a survery mark. He puts his survey tool in this mark and its an exact match to Erin Helton’s coordinate. It’s white granite. They flip it over to read the bottom. It has some weird marks and gouges on the bottom. One anchor stone has been confirmed. They head off to find the other anchor stone. Steve finds the north anchor stone. It has a carving on it. Jack points out that both rocks are the same material and about the same size.

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