Star Wars Marvel comic book 1978 #16

Valance has a band of bounty hunters. They are on a raid and he’s financing it himself. But the people in this place have no price one their heads. He’s destroying his own past. Its an isolated outworld medical station…. Read More ›

Chew 2009 #2

In a restaurant, a customer brings her burger back. The cashier is not happy. He takes it back and instead of giving her a new burger tries to add snot and finds a finger inside. Tony Chu walks into the… Read More ›

Chew 2009 #1

Taster’s Choice, Chapter 1 Prologue: A soup is being prepared. The chef cuts himself and bleeds on some of the ingredients. He tosses all the ingredients, contaminated or not, as well as some blood into the pot. End Prologue. Tony… Read More ›