Criminal Minds S02, Ep22 – Legacy

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Title: Legacy
Original Air Date: May 9, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.” — Herman Melville

* “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles.” — Charles Chaplin

Synopsis: An older man is tied to a gurney and being rolled down a hallway. He asks if he made it and realizes that he is not in a hospital. His glasses are put on him. Gideon is watching a Charlie Chaplin movie in his office. Hotch comes in and is shocked. Hotch takes a seat. Morgan pops in and complains about it being on projector instead of DVD. A man name Det. McGee comes to personally see JJ. She asks him about the files she requested. He explains that they are all missing but no one has filed missing person’s reports. He handles the downtown area and homeless. He catalogs everyone he meets. He pulls out dozens of notebooks. He tells JJ he got an award for the reduction in crime but did not deserve it. Crime has gone down because these people are simply disappearing. JJ tells him that people moving around is normal. He tells her that at least 63 people he regularly use to see are just simply gone. He also shows JJ a note that he received at the station house. JJ brings the team together and they all discuss the case. Gideon asks about deaths and such. Hotch tells the detective they will need to be officially asked to come and look. JJ is concerned because there could be 63 victims. Hotch and JJ decide to go back with the detective. He now has 30 minutes to brief the team on the 63 missing people. On the plane, JJ tells the detective they are landing 10 minutes. Hotch and JJ discuss the detectives OCD with the notebooks. Back at the BAU, the rest of the team are shocked looking at all the information of the 63 people. Morgan feels this killer is a house cleaner. In the city where the 63 have gone missing a woman is walking alone, clearly high or drunk. A black van pulls up and honks. They talk, and she gives a price. The guy keeps telling her to get in. Morgan pays Garcia a visit about the names. She is not finding missing person’s reports on any of the missing people in any system. Meanwhile, the woman wakes up unsure where she is or what’s going on. Her shoes are also gone. She opens a door from where she has been placed and starts going through doors until one does not open and she smashes her nose on it. Then slams through the door and lands on all kinds of glass. She calls out for help and the door opens. Back in Kansas, the detective, Hotch and JJ arrive. He goes to speak with his commander and he is not happy. The commander tells them they have already run all the names and they don’t want any help. Hotch asks to speak with him privately and he agrees. Back in the warehouse, she takes her jacket off to try and move all the glass out of a path. At the BAU, Gideon checks in. Morgan tells him the unsub is a housecleaner. He’s now in. The woman finally gets out of the room. Hotch has a conversation with the commander. He assigned him to skid row thinking it would be harmless. JJ finds an envelope, it’s already been checked for prints. She notices he was promoted to detective in just 4 years. He tells her it was to keep him away from the general public. The commander does not like the people on skid row clearly. Hotch tries to convince him there is a killer and that it’s going to get worse. McGee’s father was a cop killed in the of duty. JJ looks at the envelope again and sees its from a different state. She goes right in the office and points out it’s now federal. The woman sits in the hall, she is quite cut up from the glass. She again calls out. The lights go out. A voice tells her this is how her day will end and starts a video projection. She screams. She tells the voice she has a daughter and just wants to go see her. He speaks again and it comes down to, “you are you.” The rest of the team arrives at the station. Hotch tells the team that he’s not on board. Back in the warehouse, she bags for her life. He tells her she is in the center of a large facility and she has until sunrise to escape or die. The team delivers the profile at the station. Meanwhile, the woman is trying to find a way out as quickly as possible. Prentiss points out that people starting disappearing about a year ago and something triggered him to start at that time. The woman is now dealing with gas in the facility. She finaly makes it out of the gas area, but the gas has escaped as well. Now, however, its filling the hall. She gets up and heads towards the slaughterhouse. Outside that night, the team walks the area and tries to get some information. Some of the team meets up. No one has met the unsub. Prentiss points out if it wasn’t the unsub it was someone else who managed to get the people to go with them. Morgan sees a social services van. He asks the commander if social services is out at night and gets a resounding no. Morgan takes off after someone in a social services van. He now gets questions and he tries to drive off. But Morgan jumps in and stops him. The woman has now made it as far as the kill room of the slaughterhouse. A door opens and a ferocious dog enters. It starts chasing her. She manages to get to another room and close the door. However, the room she is in has body parts hanging up in it. She sees an exit sign and goes out that door but falls down the stairs. She sees her shoes and light and crawls towards them. The sun is coming up. There a lots of shoes lined up as she crawls towards the door and pushes the other shoes out of the way. The door closes. Gas begins to hiss again. The man posing as social services is in an interrogation room. He’s clearly terrified but not of them, the unsub. They explain to the commander that Steven is so afraid because he is the only one who truly knows what the unsub is capable of. The detective and a few other enter. Hotch says they will find the unsub because Steven will tell them where he is. Hotch and McGee finally go into see Steven. He goes off on Hotch and the detective. Hotch lets him finish. Then asks for what he needs. He tells them that his family has always worked for his family. He knows nothing else. His father died last year and he changed. He tells them his name is Charlies Holcomb and he owns the old meatpacking plant. In the plant, he has the woman strapped to a gurney and is pushing her down the hall, whistling. She wakes up and tries to have a conversation with him. The team arrives just in time. He pulls a knife and they shoot him. She tells Hotch she wants to see the man’s face. Morgan pulls off the mask so she can. He’s still alive and she tells him se won. She also asks if someone can check on her daughter. Detective McGee is more than a bit shocked. He gets several pats on the shoulder. Back at the BAU, everyone is watching the Charlie Chaplin movie together.

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