Criminal Minds S02, Ep 21 – Open Season

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Open Season
Original Air Date: May 2, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “One man’s wilderness is another man’s theme park.” — Unknown

* Prentiss: “Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.” — James Anthony Froud

Synopsis: Two guys, brothers, are hunting in the forest. A man is running and struck by an arrow. The deer not far away is just fine. The older brother instructs the younger brother on how to get a quick clean kill. Little brother misses, but big brother doesn’t. They just leave him. The ladies of team are at a bar. A man saying he’s an FBI agent tries to pick up Emily. Emily asks to see his gun and badge. He refuses. So they each take out there’s and ask if it looks like this? He runs away. JJ’s phone rings. They have a case. Two bodies have been found in the forest. They take a look at the pictures of bodies found. They were in the forest for a while, fully clothed, not attacked except the holes. On the plane, they talk out some ideas. Morgan wonders if the woods are where the unsub feels comfortable. Emily tells a story about her grandfather living his last ten years in the in the French alps. Garcia joins in via laptop. She’s been going through missing persons cases. There is a number where they went missing in the spring and both the person and their car have never been found. They divide into two groups, the woods and office. Hotch points out that the only thing the victims seem to have in common is that they are driving to Spokane. Reid also points out they have the same three injuries plus the puncture wounds. The deputy asks if anyone wants to come with him on the notification. JJ picks up on the fact that it’s is first and he’s nervous. She’s happy to help. At the forest, Morgan and Prentiss go to the scene, a massive forest. At the most recent victim’s fathers house, JJ and the Sherriff arrive. In a flashback she gives him some pointers on how to make the death notification. He tries and the father misunderstands so JJ has to jump in and help. No matter what he does the father does not want to accept it. The father just falls apart. Back in the woods, they ask the Ranger questions. She points out they’ve missed a brown bear 25 yards away. Hunting tactics are discussed. They realize he was killed with a bow and arrow. Gideon goes into town. A local kid tells him about hunting season. He asks about weaponry. He tells them a shotgun or arrows. He calls and asks about arrows. Reid thinks its very possible. A woman is driving on the freeway and her battery light comes on. She calls for help, but before she finishes her call a tow truck pulls up to offer assistance. It’s the two brothers and she’s not feeling very good about this. They deliver the profile. It’s a pair, likely related, with an us versus them mentality. They use a compound bow. A woman comes into the Sheriffs office with a picture. Her friend was driving to her place and she never made it. They drive her to the forest. She’s tied up with tape on her mouth. They cut the ropes off and she takes the tape off. She starts screaming. They tell her no one can hear her. The younger brother shows her the bow and arrow and tells her to run. She stumbles upon a campsite and starts yelling for help. Two of the meant are shot straight through with an arrow. The remaining campers and her run for it. The guy wants to separate from her immediately. He thinks being with her makes them a target. The woman in the remaining pair does not want to leave her behind. So he tells her she’s gotta keep a distance. Back at the office, Garcia has located three stores that carry the arrows. They go to the first store but she doesn’t have any records unless they paid with credit cards. They describe a pair to her. She tells them about two brothers. She recalls the name was Mulford and the uncles name was Joe. Garcia dives in and finds Joe Mulford had a criminal record. His garage went to his nephews when he died. Its on highway two. Prentiss is worried for the victim because it’s going to get cold. The three shelter in place. The brothers see them and decide to wait till first light. The Ranger lets the team know that there are a pair of campers missing. They’re going to set up search and rescue. Reid, Hotch, and the Sheriff go to the service shop the brothers now own. They uncover a vehicle and it matches Bobbie. The team and ranger finds the campsite and two pools of blood but no bodies. Prentiss has something drop on her face. She looks up and the bodies are tied up in the trees. These people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Ranger says if you tell her what they are driving they’ll find them. The little brother just killed the last man. The wife takes his wedding ring. On the site of the service station there are tons of storage containers, all filled with cars. There is a lot more victims. They go to the brother’s house. In a cupboard, Reid finds a lot of licenses that most likely belong to victims. They date back to 1980. So the Uncle started it first. Bobbie gets an idea while she’s running. They learn the brothers full history of abandonment and being raised by an Uncle who was very mentally off. In the forest, Bobbie and the other woman are hiding, they have set a trap. The other woman doesn’t stay put and gets an arrow. Meanwhile, Bobbies uses the knife she took off the last man and stabs the younger brother several times. Bobbie is still hiding. The Ranger found the ID’s of two of the missing campers. Morgan calls Gideon about seeing smoke. Bobbie starts screaming and she is pissed. The Ranger and the team locate the fire and see a man lying next to it. Gideon and the team realize how serious his situation is and call for an evac. They check the area and find the other woman. Bobbie gets the idea to climb a tree. Gideon points out the man was stabbed. Gideon gets him to admit his brother is out there. The older brother is still searching for Bobbie and he’s getting frustrated. Prentiss and Morgan head in the direction the brother told them. But the older brother is standing directly under where Bobbie has hidden. She jumps out of the tree and lands on him knocking him down. She stabs him twice in the back. He tries to take out Prentiss with an arrow and Morgan shoots him several times. Gideon comforts the younger brother as he dies. The older brother isn’t dead yet. Bobbie asks how they can do something like this. Prentiss tells her it’s because they don’t think like you and me. Bobbie has a few words for him and he dies. On the plane, Morgen checks on Prentiss. She tells him about the question that Bobbie asked her. It gets her thinking. They have to think like the unsub to hunt them. “How different are we? Us and them?” Is the question she is left with.

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