Star Wars 1977 #7

The Death Star is destroyed. Darth Vader is heading off. On Yavin, Han and Chewbacca say goodby to Luke, Leia and C3PO. Han admits he’d like to stay, but he owes a debt to Jabba the Hutt that he has to pay or he’ll be no good to anyone. Han and Chewie head to Tatooine. They cross paths with a Star Destroyer before they make the planet. However, it’s not part of the Empire’s fleet, it’s pirates. They try to make a run for it. His personally upgraded shields are the only thing saving him right as he can’t fly faster then the small fighters. They wind up being pulled into the pirate ship via tractor beam. It turns out it’s Crimsom Jack. He takes all the reward money that Han got from Leia. Hans now worried that without it Jabba will put a price on their heads. Han suggests they lay low for a while outside of Jabba’s realm and reach. They head to Aruba-3. The space port is oddly empty. When the reach the cantina they see why. There is an insect species being on a bantha in an outfit that appears preistlike and that’s causing a commotion. As the bugman dismounts someone tries to attack him, however, he’s more than capable fo defending himself. However, others join in and he’s quickly overpowered. Han and Chewie join the fray to try and stop the attack. He thanks Han and Chewie but asks them not to hurt any of men. Han asks him about what he is transporting. He explains it’s a borg that died last night. He’s half human and half mechanical droid. He believes the man half had a soul. The issue is that he was once a pilot and wanted to be buried on Spacer’s Hill. The money that he had with him goes to whoever buries him. Han agrees to bury him. Han mounts the Bantha. He points out to Chewie that there is no real commonality among the spacers, except their bigotry against anything part droid. They pass peacefully for a bit, but then someone pulls Han off the bantha. The insect priest reappears as well. Chewie is pulling punches as well as Han. They don’t want to hurt anyone if they can help it. One spacer, however, comes at Han with an axe and Chewie and Han go into full fighting mode now. Han, Chewie and the preist are forced to stand back to back to back to defend themselves and the deadman. Finally, spacers start to back off. However, someone tries a sneak attack on the preist and he knocks the guy out. The battle now appears to be over. However, there is one fatality that cannot be overlooked. One of the spacers killed the bantha. There’s now no way to transport the deadman to his burial place. Chewie winds up having to carry him as he’s the only one strong enough. He carries him up the hill. He’s laid to rest and the insect priest does a chant. Han and Chewy plant to go back to the cantina. The priest says they shouldn’t have trouble because they won the battle fairly. In the cantina Han tries to buy goodwill with a round of drinks. Han hits on a blue lady and they go for a walk. She disappears and three men approach Han with a proposal…

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