Star Wars 1977 #5

Han sends Luke to the laser cannon and tells him to sit tight until the onslaught comes. Princess Leia thinks that the situation could be hopeless, yet they have gotten this far. It’s Princess Leia who announces the arrival of TIE fighters. Luke isn’t having any luck hitting any of the fighters with the laser cannon. He’s clearly distressed by this fact. Two fighters barrel at the Falcon. They manage to hit it with a blast. It damages a panel. A fighter flies right into Luke’s sights but he misses, it moves into Han’s and he hits it and it explodes. Han is thrilled. Lukey finally calms down and he’s now able to control the canon and hit a target. There’s still three more TIE fighters to deal with. Luke takes out another and updates the remaining count to two. Princess Leia, however, reminds them that a deflector sheild is not fully functional. The last two come at the ship. Chewie is not willing to risk continuing to fight with a shield down and he steers the ship away. One of the two fighters moves into Han’s sights and he takes it out. The other goes to the ships undefended side and Luke does his best to hit it. It’s on the mark and the last TIE fighter is blown up. They all take a moment to celebrate. Princess Leia is relieved that the R2 unit is unharmed. Han asks why. She tells him that the R2 unit holds the blueprints of the Death Star. She’s also a bit concerned because she thinks that escape was too easy. Back on the Death Star, Darth Vader is happy they have escaped. Tarkin is not. He’s worried the homing beacon planted on the Falcon won’t work. Vader assures him it will lead them directly to the main rebel base. On the Falcon, Princess Leia has figured out Vader’s plan. She tells Han that they must be planning to follow them to the rebel base. Han doesn’t care, he just wants to get paid. Princess Leia is clearly annoyed and tells him he’ll be paid. When she talks to Luke about Han, she’s clearly sad. She doesn’t think he cares about anyone or anything. Luke and Han briefly discuss the Princess. Han says something to make Luke jealous. They finally arrive in the Yavin system and land on moon 4. There is a giant, ancient temple there that they enter. Someone runs up to the Princess. She tells him the Death Star plans are in the R2 unit and to download and analyze it. Everyone meets in the main room. The General has the Death Star plans on a big screen. He tells them the sheilds are for defense against large scale attacks. But small one man fighters should easily get through. They’ve also found a weakness. A small exhaust port about two meters wide. They’ll have to hit it with ion torpedos while flying in the trench that goes all around the station. He sends the pilots to their planes. All the pilots head to their planes and so does Luke. Han and Chewie stope him to tell him he’s crazy and goodbye. It’s a frosty goodbye from Luke. Luke arrives as his ship to find Princess Leia waiting for him. She’s concerned and asks if he really wants to do this. He says yes. She asks him what he’s still upset about and he tells her Han left. They clasp hands and she gives him another good luck kiss. Suddenly, his friend Biggs runs up and says hi. Another pilot rushes up and asks about a credential. Biggs vouches for him and introduces him. Once he hears his last name he gets exited. He tells him he new his father when he was a kid and he was an amazing pilot. If he’s half as good he’ll do fine. Everyone gets in their planes. R2 jumps in as the astromech for Luke. In the command center they watch the Death Star slowly moves closer. Princess Leia asks how much time they have. She’s told about 30 minutes. All ships are now away. The blue squadron configures for their attack.

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