Chew 2009 #2

In a restaurant, a customer brings her burger back. The cashier is not happy. He takes it back and instead of giving her a new burger tries to add snot and finds a finger inside.

Tony Chu walks into the office for his first day and is handed a stack of cold cases. He’s expected to close one per week per his new boss Mike Applebee. He’s got a lot of reading and catching up to do. His boss is not too amused. He thinks he’s a magician. His boss gives him a hamburger for lunch on him, instead of the beet salad he has.

Opening it is gross. His boss wants to know who the finger belongs to. He does not want to chew on the finger but his boss does not give him a choice. His boss yells for Agent Savoy, which is Agent Chu’s new partner. Agent Savoy volunteers to chew on the finger instead. Turns out that Agent Savoy is also a cibopath. The pair of two of only three known cibopaths. They have a heart to heart and Tony chews on the finger.

We meet Evan Pepper who is a health inspector. He recently made a disturbing discovery. His finger got chopped off as a result to keep him silent. This is the same finger that Tony is chewing on. He gets Evan Pepper, a health inspector who lives in Park Slope. It matches the fingerprint info. When Tony finds out they already had all the information he flips his lid. It was a test.

Tony heads over to the burger joint. He does not get any cooperation. Tony sees a woman take a bite of hamburger and make a face and he’s suddenly got hearts around his head. She writing something down. She leaves and so does he. But he makes a call before he leaves. He makes an exclusion request and adds the uncooperative person and his entire family to a list of dissenters for extermination. The teenager freaks out and confesses all his misdeeds and begs to not have his family killed. He wants to see the black market chicken. He calls Agent Savoy.

An hour later, the partners set up a stake out. Savoy wires Tony to go in. He needs to ask about getting chicken. Tony has binoculars and sees the same woman going into the sushi place. He doesn’t officially know her but he wants to.

He goes into the sushi place and is told it’s closed. The sushi is not fresh today. He convinces the man to make him a few rolls. He does eat and they are very bad. It also tells them that this guy is weird and they decide to kill him. He winds up flashing his badge. That just makes it worse and Tony screams for backup to Savoy over the wire. Savoy blasts in with sais. He makes short work of everyone.

It turns into a big scene but they still haven’t found Evan Pepper. Turns out the guys he just beat up are Yakuza enforcers. Savoy tells him this is a good end of day for the FDA.

Elsewhere, another boss is informed his Yazuka enforcers in New York are done. His office is full of frogs or toads. Now this guy has Tony Chu on his radar, but he only knows the face, not the name.

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