Star Wars 1977 #2

Six Against The Galaxy

The Sandpeople have knocked Luke out, but they don’t kill him. They go and ransack his speeder instead. They suddenly flee as a figure appears. R2D2 just sees a man. He walks up to R2 and tries to comfort him that Luke will be ok. Luke comes to. He sees the man and tells him the droid belongs to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He’s shocked to hear that name and says he can’t recall ever owing a droid. Kuke realizes C3PO is missing. Luke finds him slightly mangled at the bottom of a short cliff. C3PO is still functioning.

Back at Obi-Wan’s house, he tries to figure out R2D2. R2D2 plays the message from Princess Leia. Now Luke is surprised to learn Obi-Wan was a commander. He tells him he was a Jedi Knight just like his father was. But he thinks his father was a navigator on a space freighter. His Uncle Owen kept the truth from him. Obi-Wan takes something out and hands it to Luke. It is his fathers light saber. He ignites it and is in awe. Obi-Wan gives Luke a brief overview of Jedi history. He then tells him his dad was killed by Darth Vader. He also explains the force. Obi-Wan then invites him to go to Alderaan with him and R2.

Luke freaks out. He says he needs to get back home. But he does volunteer to take him as far as Anchorhead so he can get transit.

Up on the Death Star, Leia comes face to face with Darth Vader. He locks her in a cell and is quite afraid.

Back on Tatooine, Luke and Ben run into the Jawa sandcrawler from the previous day that Uncle Owen bought the droids from. They see the damage and all the dead. Obi-Wan points out that it was storm troopers who made it look like sand people. But the realization hits that they were looking for the droids and may now be heading to Luke’s home.

Luke speeds off home and finds its on fire as well as his aunt and uncle dead and on fire.

Up on the Death Star, Darth Vader and Moff Tarkin discuss Princess Leia. She resisted the mind probe so Vader has to come up with a new plan. Tarkin has a suggestion: demonstrating the power of the battle station.

Luke returns to the sand crawler to find Obi-Wan burning the Jawas in a funeral pyre. Luke tells Obi-Wan he will go with him to Alderaan and learn the ways of the force. Nothing is left for him here and he would like to be like his father.

The pair of humans and droids head to Mos Eisley to get transport off the planet. They get stopped by storm troopers and Obi-Wan uses the Jedi mind trick to evade them. They head into the Cantina and Obi-Wan warns Luke to be on guard. Once Obi-Wan heads off looking for transport, an alien gets in Luke’s face. Obi-Wan has to step in to protect him. He chops off the aliens arm with his lightsaber. Luke is speechless.

Obi-Wan introduces Luke to Chewbacca, a Wookie. He’s the first mate on a ship that will transport them. The droids are outside and become worried seeing storm troopers. Back inside, we meet Han Solo, the Captain of the Millennium Falcon. They negotiate terms and Han Solo agrees.

They are go to go docking bay 94, but have to make it past some storm troopers first. The storm troopers find the bodies chopped up and investigate. Meanwhile, Luke has to sell the speeder for the down payment. The storm troopers leave. As Han Solo gets up to go Greedo appears. He is there to collect what Han owes Jabba the Hut. Han shoots him. He then throws some money to the bartender for the mess.

Luke and Obi-Wan sell the speeder and head towards the docking bay. They don’t realize they are being followed. They take a round about way to get there. Han Solo heads straight to the Falcon. He finds he has some people waiting for him at the Falcon. Some of Greedo’s friends. Jabba is there too. He promises to pay him.

On the Death Star, the droid search is discussed. Vader is not happy. He sends more storm troopers to find them. He also is ready for Princess Leia to see the battle stations power and demonstration.

Back on Tatooine, Luke is not thrilled with the Falcon. Han tells him he’s done some modifications of his own. Storm Troopers appear and open fire. They have to make a hasty lift off.

The star destroyers give chase and fire on the Falcon. Han prepares to jump to hyperspace. They are hit with fire before they can make the jump. Han tries to explain what it takes to make a jump but Luke is not impressed. They finally make the jump and escape. It’s a very bumpy jump.

To be continued.

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