Criminal Minds S02, Ep20 – Honor Among Thieves

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Honor Among Thieves
Original Air Date: April 1, 2007

Favorite Quotes:

* “There can be no good without evil.” – Russian Proverb

* “Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – Leo Tolstoy

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Synopsis: A man comes home. Two guys jump out of a car and grab him. They throw him in the back of their van, cut off his finger, leave it in his car and drive away. Prentiss’s mother shows up at the BAU looking for her and her team. Hotch tries to explain that they might not be able to help. They were given a timeline. The daughter shows him the cut off finger. The finger goes into a cooler. Reid asks about the note. The daughter recites exactly from memory. The ransom amount is $100,000. Prentiss stays with the mother as she speaks Russian. The others head to the scene. A translator arrives. At the victim’s house, Gideon and Reid meet with the local FBI. Reid calls Garcia and asks for a background check. Morgan talks with the daughter in their home to learn the family history. The father is in a meat locker and is hung up. One of the guys beats him. He threatens to cut him to pieces. The other tells the father not ot worry. Back at the house, they get a quick briefing on the Russian gangs. Gideon tries to talk to the neighbors, doesn’t get any help. A black car drives up and he stops cooperating. The head of the local Russian mob arrives to help. She turns down his help. Back in the meat locker, the guy decides to start cutting up the man two hours early. He cuts off his ear. The daughter doesn’t think they are doing anything, so Morgan explains how they work. Ambassador Prentiss tries to call in some favors to get some help but doesn’t get anything. At the station, Kramer explains how the finances of the mobs work. Garcia calls. She gives them the rundown on the leader. She found nothing on the family. They go over the code these members have to live by. Emily lets Hotch know her mom couldn’t get any information. Morgan and the daughter have a short conversation. There is a knock at the door and it’s a kid. He gives her a box. It has her father’s ear. They go to visit him at his restaurant. Morgan calls Gideon and tells him about the ear. Morgan tries to talk to the daughter, but she’s gone out the bathroom window and has taken off. Gideon and Reid go in to talk to the leader. Gideon goads him and his temper flares. The daughter arrives and asks him for help. She tells Gideon that she doesn’t need their help. Prentiss’s mother comes back. Emily tells her about the ear. Her mother tells her that when Garcia said if she had a way to understand how the Russian bank’s data works then she might be able to find something. Her mother was able to get some information for her. They check the cooler and find the finger is gone. Back at the house, Morgan realizes she didn’t take out the trash when she said she did. He mentions part of the town she’s from. Reid realizes the leader is from there as well. Prentiss gives Garcia what her mother gave her. She says its breadcrumbs to follow. It gets her the structure of the banks data. Turns out the daughter is part of it. Garcia is able to get into the bank data. Prentiss gives her the account number. It’s had $500,000 transferred to it. The name on the account is the leaders wife’s maiden name. The one guy kills his partner. Gideon talks to the neighbor again and gets the answer he needs. Gideon goes back to talk with the leader again. Reid connects the dots and realizes it’s the leaders son. Back at the meat plant, the daughter shows up. Liev tells her that the agreed no witnesses as he’s about to kill her father. She asks if she can at least say goodbye. Her father is horrified. She apologizes and hugs her. Back at the restaurant he tells them the whole story. He then tells them the missing father will be returned shortly and need medical attention. He tells Gideon that they take care of their own problems. Four men arrive at the meat plant. They are very busted. The father is returned home. Liev and the mans’ daughter are killed. The bodies are disposed of. Emily lets her mom know that the father is ok. She tells her Hotch tanked her as well. Her mom admits that she’s been feeling a little lost as an ambassador without an assignment. Emily is shocked at her admission. She asks her out to dinner. Her mom accepts and they head out.

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