Criminal Minds S02, Ep18 – Jones

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: Jones
Original Air Date: February 28, 2007

“Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” — Robert Kennedy

Synopsis: A man is on the phone with his son as Hurricane Katrina hits. His son is begging him to evacuate, but he can’t as a tree crashes into the house. Before he dies, he carves something into the wall, “Jones.” The BAU is briefed on a serial killer in New Orleans. There were three murders before Katrina and a new murder after gives them a new trail. They only have the most recent victim to work with as the hurricane took everything else. On the plane, they go over the information they have and start to work on the profile. There is no specific victimology other than they are male. They meet detective William LaMontaigne, Jr. at the scene. Prentiss and Reid go to the coroners. He actually worked on the other three victims as well. The coroner thinks the killer had medical training. Back at the scene, Morgan is pacing around. William takes them back to his father’s house to show them what he carved in the wall. At the station, they go over the latest note. Reid links the letters and murders to Jack the Ripper. There is another body. They deliver the profile at the station. Reid surprises his friend in New Orleans. Garcia calls Prentiss. She found a similar murder in Texas. Reid ignores a call from Prentiss while with his friend. His friend picks up on him having a problem. Morgan and Prentiss are on the plane waiting for Reid. She called him four times and he didn’t answer, so they leave without him. William and JJ are having a working dinner at a bar. He’s having a beer and it makes her uncomfortable, so he pushes the beer away to make her feel better. William surprises her by asking JJ why she isn’t married. He apologizes. A woman sends him a drink and JJ has quite a reaction. They clearly like each other. Prentiss and Morgan meet with the woman who’s fiancé was killed in Galveston. In the car, Morgan speaks of Antelope and lions hunting. Morgan realizes that the killer is actually a woman. JJ gets a call that the unsub is a woman. At the station the next day, Reid shows up and they tell him the unsub is a woman. Hotch comes in, another body was found. They go over the two types of women serial killers. She’s clearly the second. There is another letter left. The team split up and go to different bars. Prentiss and Gideon discuss Reid. They know something is up. Meanwhile, the unsub has picked out a new target. Two people start making out on a door, but he says her hair is wet. The door has blood and a dead body feet away. There’s another note. Gideon reads it out loud. Prentiss thinks the unsub thinks she’s a vigilante. Gideon thinks he’s connected to the woman in some way. Reid realizes that she may be mirroring a crime committed against her. William notices something on the victim’s hand. He recognizes the stamp. That bar was called Jones nine years ago. JJ calls Garcia to look up the bar and cases nine years ago. They go to meet William’s fathers ex-partner. Turns out there was a rape there, Smitty thought she lied. William’s dad thought she told the truth. Smitty didn’t want to do anything but protect the accused. When the guy gets angry about it Gideon tells him she’s the serial killer cutting up men. William is not amused and threatens to bring new sanctions against him. He gives up the name of the guy. Prentiss and JJ interview him. He’s a real piece of work. JJ shows him pictures of men she’s murdered. She implies that he’ll be her victim at some point too. He finally gives a name. Her name is Sarah. They go to her apartment but she’s not there. They find receipts in her apartment. Garcia finds a charge for the Royal Ruby Inn, it’s two blocks away and for that night. They bust in the room. William puts his gun down. He introduces himself to her and asks if she knew his dad. He tells her the storm took his dad. She’s more upset by that than by being arrested. JJ checks on William. She tells him his dad would be really proud. He’s just feeling lost now. He looks at her and flirts a bit. She gives him her call and tells him a cell phone is good for his health. Then he watches her walk away. Reid is back at his friend’s place. Gideon shows up there as well. Reid admits he missed the plane on purpose and is struggling. He and Gideon have a conversation about the job and it’s stresses. He decides he wants to be in the BAU and won’t miss another plane again.

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