Criminal Minds S02, Ep17 – Distress

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: Distress
Original Air Date: February 21, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Our life is made by the death of others.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

* “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” — Thomas Paine

Synopsis: A group of people, presumably a gang, is trashing a construction yard. A security guard intervenes. They all get away though. Expect for one in a white hoodie who kills the guard and takes his gun. At the BAU, JJ briefs the team on this case and two additional ones. All three had their necks snapped. Reid joins them late and looks pretty bad. There doesn’t seem to be a connection between the men and drugs or gangs. On the plane, Morgan tries to make sense of the victimology. They divide up tasks on the plane and Reid is very defensive, everyone notices. Some of the team goes to the last scene. Morgan looks around while Gideon talks to the officer. A mother and her son come. The officer tells them about a murder. Gideon asks if the security guard fired his weapon. The kid tells him he just shot the gun up in the air to scare them off. They find a camp. At the office, the team discusses the camps, construction and displacement. Morgan calls Garcia and gets a little flirty. One request is before and after pictures of the area. A group of people watch as a recreation center is torn down. A man is sleeping in the sewer and all the commotion wakes him. Someone goes down the manhole and he snaps their neck. Gideon makes Morgan go down the manhole. He finds it pretty clean for a sewer. The jackhammer knocked some of the ceiling out. They determine that at the other crime scenes the murders weren’t planned but instead they were intruding on his home. Reid and Prentiss visit a homeless shelter. Reid mishandles the situation. Prentiss tries to smooth it over. She calls out Reid when they get outside. He gets an attitude with her. When they get back to the station, Gideon informs the two of the new information. Behind a restaurant, a man finds someone behind his garbage dumpster. He tries to shake him out and his little girl screams and saves his life. They go straight to the police station. Prentiss speaks with the little girl. She tells them that her father took out the garbage and the man jumped out and she screamed at him. He asked her if she was ok and why she was crying. They have her describe what he looked like. Garcia calls in. She has the comparison images. One of the buildings has an SOS on the roof. They realize that he is as veteran and he thinks he is in a war zone. They start checking missing persons reports. They track down the man’s wife. He’s been missing since Tuesday. When she and his friend come in they ask about his service. His wife tells them the strange things he does. His friend who served with him doesn’t want to answer questions. He privately tells Gideon what happened. Gideon tells the wife about what’s been going on. Garcia calls about the truck being impounded. It’s definitely her husband. Gideon continues to speak to his friend. He asks about the SOS. Gideon wants a swat team built. Mrs. Woodridge is freaked out by the team gearing up. When she asks JJ what’s going on, she tells her that he’s never been the same since the war. Reid has figured out what caused Roy’s disassociation. Garcia calls Reid as she can’t reach Morgan. She tells him about a stolen handheld radio. He’s gone. Gideon and Hotch try to brief the team on what to expect. His friend tells him they only used UHF radios. He knows the code and wants to help. Garcia is ready to track him when he signals. He triangulated, three large flags in the same size and shape. She has his location. Mrs. Woodridge sees everyone race to the cars and she looks more worried. They get the area cleared of people and construction workers. Roy sees the helicopter and his relieved. His friend comes as well. Somebody starts jackhammering again and sets him off. Gideon and his friend try to calm him. A kid rides in on a bike. Roy runs to him to help him and a sniper shoots him. His only concerns is that the boy is all right as he dies from the gunshot. The call comes into to Reid and JJ breaks the news to Roy’s wife. Everyone is upset. The leader comes in an thanks them. Gideon has already left. Hotch finds him back at the scene.

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