Criminal Minds S02, Ep16 – Fear and Loathing

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Fear and Loathing
Original Air Date: February 14, 2007

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* “From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate.” — Socrates

* “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” — Cicero

Synopsis: A young woman appears to be getting ready to go somewhere. She doesn’t use the door, she goes out the window. She walks to a bus top and a man follows her. He won’t leave her alone. She gets in his car to get rid of him. He storms up to the car that pulls up to get her. The driver kills him. She runs for it, afraid. He chases her and kills her. Morgan makes small talk with Prentiss at the office. Emily tells him she’s afraid to talk about her personal life. She finally confesses she thinks she screwed up a date because she’s a nerd. He knows the reference she said. They bond over Vonnegut. The BAU now goes over the case of the pairs murder. A hate symbol was painted on their faces. There are several other murders that fit this MO. A local minister is causing more issues than he is helping. The mayor of the town called JJ frantic in desperate need of help to try and stop the murders and attacks. Gideon is worried if they can’t stop it, it could turn into a full scale race riot. On the plane, Emily finds an odditiy. Reid has a flash back. The most recent victim got a threatening note. Reid analyses it but feel sits contradictory. He thinks a girl wrote the note. The BAU goes to the town and meets with the police. They all discuss the city and the people in it. They bring a dismissed subject to question her again. Hotch and Gideon go to the crime scene. Gideon sees what happened perfectly. He realizes she had a date with the murderer. Morgan talks to the girl who wrote the note with Morgan. They play good cop and bad cop. Emily gets her to talk. She tells them about a talent show. The most recent victim performed and got a lot of attention. Ken dumped Tanya for Sandra after the performance. Reid goes to the restroom, makes sure it’s empty and stares at himself in the mirror. He takes out the drugs, but Hotch calls and he doesn’t take any. Reid continues to have flashbacks as the autopsy report is gone over. They eliminate the hate crime aspect. He’s got a type, he’s a serial killer. Another young adult female sits on a bench and that same car picks her up. Meanwhile, the reverend, is becoming more inflammatory. Gideon has sent JJ to talk to the reverend. The team starts talking to the families of victims. Gideon realizes that Sandra was a singer. The thing they had in common was singing. An officer comes in and tells them another girl is missing. The team delivers the profile. The mayor does not want to release the profile to the public. They all start arguing. The most recent missing girl’s body is found. The man leading the investigation, who is an African American, delivers the profile with race included. Morgan and the lead investigator head out. JJ announces that tips are rolling in. Two tips match and they add it to the press release. Morgan and the detective have a talk in the car. They see the town car and follow. They both get out to check the car but it’s empty. The two pursue a sound and go into a yard. Turns out it’s a false alarm. But the home owner shoots the detective. He’s injured badly. Morgan takes the guys gun and makes him call 911. Morgan tries to keep him going until help arrives, but he dies. Hotch arrives, upset. The homeowner is in the backseat of a cop car. Morgan is on the curb, visibly upset. Hotch gets a call that another girls is missing. Reid runs in and tells them a witness is coming in. She was approached by a record guy. She tells them everything she knows. She actually knows the guy. They call Garcia to track him down. They send cars to the Studio he works as a security guard at, that has closed. He gives his latest victim a bottle of water to drink. The drug starts to take effect. He slaps her, she kicks him and runs. She manages to escape and get outside and starts calling for help. Hotch and Morgan are in the studio, but it’s empty. Hotch finds the studio trashed and Morgan finds the CDs. The girl finds a cop but the unsub finds her and makes an excuse to take her back. Morgan and Hotch pull up on the scene along with several other cars. Morgan takes charge as everyone is about to open fire. Hotch gets the girl safely to the car as Morgan arrests him. Morgan attends the funeral for the detective who died. Emily joins him, checking on him. He tells her about his dad. As he walks away, she visibly stunned. On the plane, Emily drops a book in front of Morgan. It’s a Vonngut book. Morgan asks Reid how he’s doing. He tells him he know what the victims are thinking now and its affecting his ability to do his job.

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