Criminal Minds S02, Ep15 – Revelations

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: Revelations
Original Air Date: February 7, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hotch: Think of the house like a witness. What would it tell us?
Garcia: I think the house would tell us to get the hell out.
JJ: Welcome to our nightmare.

* “There is not a righteous man on Earth who does what is right and never sins.” — Ecclesiastes 7:20

Synopsis: The team shows up at the barn and finds JJ in the barn. She tells them about Tobias. She is traumatized by what the dogs did. They search the property for Reid and Tobias. They can’t find either of them. Morgan finds the drag marks in the field. Reid wakes to see Tobias. But he says he’s Rafael. The team goes back to the house and sun up and they have Garcia with them. Inside, the whole team is working. Gideon tells Garcia the computers are an extension of Tobias’s brain and she gets to dissect it. They start to discuss his actions up to these murders. Garcia starts breaking down is system. Back at the cabin, Tobias comes back in with wood. He’s not Tobias anymore though, he’s a different voice. He takes off Reid’s shoes and tries to force him to confess by taking a belt to the bottom of his feet. At the house, Gideon uncovers a clue. JJ is dealing with some PTSD and almost shoots Emily. She invites JJ to go with her to an interview. JJ asks her how none of this gets to her. Hotch overhears and asks as well. Morgan shouts that he’s found something. He’s discovered a basement. Hotch realizes it’s Tobias’s father. At the shed, Tobias comes back with a pig for food. Tobias apologizes for his father hurting him and then shoots him up with drugs. It triggers a flash back to his childhood when his father leaves them. Back at the house, the sheriff informs them the father died about 6 months ago and that was likely the trigger. They speak to Tobias’s sponsor. He tells them Tobias had a horrific life with the father and truly had an excuse to self-medicate with drugs. The mother took off when Tobias was seven. Morgan finds a journal and so does Hotch. Hotch’s holds the answer. The father is sick and asks Tobias to put him down, but killing is wrong. The father counters with honor they father. Morgan asks Garcia to log into the system as the father. It’s a whole different world of images. In the cabin, the fathers personality has taken over. He moves Reid around to view a camera. The feed goes live and the team can see it. He tells Reid to choose one person to live as he shows him a number of screens. He picks and Tobias gives a name and address. The team calls and she closes the laptop. Tobias leaves to go and kill someone. All the screens are still playing for Reid. He watches as Tobias kills a married couple. Gideon speaks directly through the camera to Reid to give him strength. JJ confronts Morgan about Reid. Gideon thinks Reid can figure out how to survive. Tobias comes back to the shed again. He gives Reid more drugs. Reid has another flashback. Garcia is monitoring the feeds. She tries to get through to JJ. Morgan and Emily make some more links and there has to be some place they missed. Gideon asks Garcia to stop the feed somehow. The feed of Reid goes live again. With the father personality beating Reid. He throws Reid backward in the chair and he starts convulsing and stops breathing. Gideon is beside himself over what happened. Tobias manages to surface and runs in and does CPR bringing him back. The whole team is just watching in horror. They realize a timeline and are able to narrow down the search area. He tells Reid to choose a team member to die. He first picks himself. Tobias’s alter pulls a gun on him and plays Russian roulette. He finally picks Hotch and gives reasons to give them clues. Hotch goes in a different direction with Reid’s clue. The clue is that he’s in a cemetery. They reanalyze the things that he’s said. They figure out he’s on a plantation called Marshall Parish. Reid asks Tobias if they are in a cemetery and Reid is relieved and happy. He shoots more drugs into Reid and he has another flashback. He then tells him about his mom and sending her away. Tobias takes the cuffs off Reid after this confession. He takes Reid out and makes him dig a grave. While this is happening the team storm the shed, but find it empty. They search the cemetery. Tobias is distracted and Reid grabs the gun and shoots him. It’s a sad exchange and Tobias passes. Reid hugs Hotch. Then JJ hugs him and apologizes. Everyone is emotional. Reid takes the drugs from Tobias.

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