Bones S02, Ep15 – The Bodies in the Book

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: The Bodies in the Book
Original Air Date: March 14, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I thought you wouldn’t have time to read my book.
Booth: You have time to write it, I’ll make time to read it.

* Bones: In this lab we are concerned with science, not fiction.

* Angela: Testosterone spill on aisle four.

* Bones: I don’t need protecting.
Booth and Sully: Yes you do.

* Booth: Where were you last Wednesday when your brother in law was killed?

* Bones: There is nothing that would make the loss of two lives easier for me Booth. I’m not burying my head in the sand here. I want to catch these guys as bad as you do, but I have a method. And the method doesn’t change, I’ll be back in the lab.

* Sully: When you can’t stop thinking about someone when they’re not around, that’s not a fling. When you remember their touch like they are right there with you, that’s not a fling. If you need to be alone with this, fine, but we both know what we have.

* Booth: This isn’t like going to see Santa, this is more like the Principals office.
Oliver: I want to see Santa, Booth.

* Cam: Just remember, at the end of your books Kathy Reichs always gets the killer.

* Booth: Listen, don’t let her bully you into leaving.

* Bones: So the suspects agreed to kill for each so they’d each have an alibi?

* Cam: What are you waiting for Booth? Go get the bad guys.

* Bones: The only problem is our ending is a lot better than the book.

* Bones: I’ve been alone my whole life, it’s all I know.

Synopsis: Bones and Sully are making love when the phone rings. It’s her publicist. Hodgins is entertaining Bones’ publicist and her assistant. Booth comes running into the lab with a case. They head to the marina. Booth points out that this murder kind of resembles the murder in her new book. When the body is pulled up, it’s tied to the anchor with red tape. It’s exactly how it is in her book. In the lab, they go over the body. Zack finds a bullet wound in the head. Angela does a facial recognition and runs it through the system. Sully shows up to help. He and Booth get a little territorial. Sully asks about old fan mail. He volunteers to help with the profiling aspect as he is experienced in that. Booth finally agrees. Angela identifies the dead man. Booth questions the deceased wife and brother. Hodgins find some sand that doesn’t’ match where the body was found. In the bone room, Zack mentions the other murders in her book. Booth comes in and shows motive, the dead man beat his wife regularly. They bring the brother back in. In Booth’s office, Bones mentions a condition the brother has, two fingers fused together. She finally voices her concern about the two other murders in her book. Booth gets another call, murder number two has happened. The second death is just like in her book. They quickly ID the body. Sully comes in and confirms the wife’s brothers’ alibi. At the lab, the second body is being analyzed. The bullet is not in the victim, one of the rats eating her chewed it out of her. Booth interviews her husband. He states he was at a golf tournament when she was killed. The rats are being x-rayed. Hodgin’s finds the one with the bullet. As methods of bullet removal is discussed Cam arrives. She tells them that she fed them laxatives and muscle relaxers when they were brought in. Sully pops in to see Bones and brings her lunch. She’s very defensive. They talk and he knows she is worried her book led to these and she feels responsible. She tears up a bit while they talk and then tries to push him away. He makes his feelings for her very clear and she looks a little shocked. He then exits her office. Zack enters and tells her he has the bullet. Booth arrives, Bones tells him Zack thinks the same gun was used in both murders. Booth tells her they got a suspect, Sully has narrowed down the crazies from the fan letters. Her old friend Oliver has reappeared. Booth pays him a visit. He slams the door in Booth’s face. He counts to five and then shoots off the lock. Inside Oliver’s apartment he’s recreated the murders from the book. Booth arrests him on the spot. He winds up sounding even crazier trying to explain the dolls. He takes it down a cat and mouse path. Angela helps Bones get ready for her book signing. Sully is brought up. So is Hodgins. Bones pays Cam a visit prior to leaving for her book signing. Hodgins comes in with an update on the sand. The sand on the body was manufactured, it’s too small to be natural. Booth calls Bones, he’s got a suspect. Bones goes to talk to Oliver. She learns some strange things. He tries to touch her and both Bones and Sully storm in. Oliver tries to grab her again and she lands a hard blow to his nose. It starts bleeding everywhere and he faints. He’s not the killer. She finally tries to head to her book reading. But she and Sully get into it a bit. Booth takes her since got in the middle of their “fight.” When the arrive, Ellen’s assistant is panicked. He’s also shaking because he’s diabetic and hasn’t eaten. Bones immediately gets a candy bar from Booth and has him eat it. The assistant is a bit freaked out as Ellen is never late. They park around back to go in. A guy runs up and Booth pulls a gun on him. They have an argument and Bones stops. There’s a mass of fire ants marching together. It’s like the third body in her book. They are marching to a shed. They follow the ants. Ellen is dead inside the shed. At the lab, Bones is upset about the murders. Hodgins is dealing with the fire ants. He burned the ones on the scene and is vacuuming up the on the body. The third victim knew the second victims’ husband. Sully and Booth talk. Booth interviews Ellen’s assistant. She didn’t have boyfriends per se, just lovers. Bones and Zack do a ballistic analysis on the bullets in each murder, same caliber and all came from the same gun. Bones posits that each murder was done by a different killer. Booth and Sully start working this theory of who would kill who for who and why. Booth appears at the lab and tells Bones she is right. It’s three different killers all making it look like a single killer. Bones recalls the sand. The sand matches victim number twos husband’s golf club. They start putting the pieces together of who killed who. Booth informs them that Sully found a connection between the three. They are all members of the same chat room and chat regularly. Cam sends Booth off to make arrests. All three are arrested. Booth and Bones talk about her book and Sully. Who happens to walk in when Booth is telling Bones to apologize for how she treated him. Booth excuses himself so Bones and Sully can talk. She admits she felt responsible. They make up. Booth sees it, and is clearly upset by it.

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