Criminal Minds S02, Ep14 – The Big Game

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: The Big Game
Original Air Date: February 4, 2007

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“I didn’t have anything against them, and they never did anything wrong to me, the way other people have all my life. Maybe they’re just the ones who have to pay for it.” — Perry Smith

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Synopsis: Super Bowl 41 has concluded, and a family and their friends are watching it on television. Someone is outside watching them. They break in the back door as the friends leave. The husband and wife head back in to clean up. He notices the back door is open as he takes out the trash. The pair head upstairs. The man who broke in calls 911. The team is at a bar celebrating and partying. JJ is beating everyone in the bar at darts. She gets a call and steps out. Reid is playing a trivia game. JJ’s call turns into a case and ends the party. Gideon is at a museum where he is looking at an original Audobon etching. He gets a call too. A man is driving on a dark road. He is wearing gloves that are covered in blood. He pulls over and has a meltdown. Everyone is now in the office and JJ begins to brief them. The kill took less than 4 and ½ minutes and it was brutal. A bible verse is left behind. We see an old house and hear two voices. He has a flash back to when he was a child. His father drags him into a barn. He heats a fire and then placed a brand in it and then burns it into his son’s forehead. Garcia calls them on the plane and plays the 911 call for them. They analyze the call. Hotch assigns everyone their tasks. Gideon and Reid take a look at the crime scene. Reid tries to explain what they are talking about to the sheriff. Prentiss speaks with medical examiner who likens the kills to an animal being slaughtered and bled out. JJ asks to go through some of their case files. She plays it cool and gets to see them. Morgan arrives at the crime scene as well and goes over the attack. They learn no prints were left behind, the killer most likely wore gloves. Garcia calls Morgan and asks about the scene. She tells him she got a video emailed to her, it’s the murder. Morgan finds the laptop, the webcam is turned on. At the station, Reid realizes the webcam on his computer is on. A video message pops up. Garcia explains that tech support people can access a computer remotely to fix things. The unsub goes to the website where he posted the video of the murder. He’s not happy with the response it’s getting. One of his video feeds show a woman cheating on her husband and the voice of Rafael can be heard. At the station, Reid is going over the two partners with the team. Another 911 call comes in. JJ gives Hotch an update on the files she went through. One of the victims reported a prowler at his house several months ago. The report was from Tobias Hankel. Hotch sends JJ and Reid out to talk to him. They get to the new scene and it’s different. The dead man doesn’t live there, he's a handy man. The wife is missing. Gideon hears the verse and realizes it’s Jezebel and the sin is her affair. This crime scene is also being watched live by the killer. He takes the woman to the barn. Garcia tries to trace the camera’s feed. Gideon analyzes the scene, the Mockingbird pops in his head. Back in the barn the woman is tied up over a bed as the killer makes a video while reading the bible. Outside the scene, Gideon thinks it’s a person with a split personality. Back at the barn, he finishes reading and lets dogs loose on the woman. She dies a horrible death. As they arrive at the station, Garcia calls with the second video. The killer has another flash back to his “baptism” by his father. He’s nearly drowned. At the station, Garcia plays the video for the team. The sheriff recognizes the dogs used in the video. There’s a knock at Henkel’s door. The owner of the dogs is Tobias Hankel. JJ and Reid just knocked on his door. JJ asks him about the report he filed. He doesn’t recall. He also doesn’t let them in. Reid realizes he made the call to gauge the response time. Reid suddenly starts looking over the property and through windows. He sees the feeds from all the webcams on the monitors. Henkel catches him. Tobias runs into the barn. Reid decides to split up and JJ is unsure. Reid follows him into the corn field and JJ heads into the barn. He hears both of the voices speaking. In the barn JJ finds what’s left of the woman and the dogs attack her. Reid hears her screams and runs towards the barn, but Tobias stops him. Reid witnesses first hand the personality shifts…TBC

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