Elementary S04, Ep06 – The Cost of Doing Business

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 6
Title: The Cost of Doing Business
Original Air Date: December 17, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: I wish I had good news. Security just finished a second sweep of the building but the gun is still the only trace of the sniper.

* Sherlock: We are here because we believe these shootings were not random but a cover for an assassination.

* Man: Now that boys and girls is how you deliver a threat. It’s far more compelling than a warrant.

* Joan: Unless you’re dead you’re starting to annoy me.

* Sherlock: The longer you play dumb the less likely we are to help you.

* Mr. Holmes: Compare a massacre to inclement weather? It’s a shame that cretinous man wasn’t involved.

Synopsis: A man’s walking down the street, he puts in earbuds. People start running towards him and he keeps walking forward. There’s a shooting in progress. He winds up getting shot along with a number of other people. The man shooting seems very clinical. Sherlock is at the brownstone, wearing a weird outfit and reciting something. The doorbell rings and it’s his father. Mr. Holmes informs Sherlock of the mass shooting. Mr. Holmes gives him a file on the shooter. Gregson and Bell have found the shooters nest. The gun was left behind. Joan is going over the security tape. Mr. Holmes gives Sherlock a run down on the sniper. He tells him about the shooters pattern, rotating between fatalities and leg wounds. He offers to help as a consultant to Sherlock. Mr. Holmes sets a meeting and takes Sherlock. When he informs them it was likely an assassination, they are shocked. One of the men killed was working on a hydroelectric dam in Peru. They get what they want. Joan returns to the brownstone searching for Sherlock. She finds two tea cups instead. Sherlock and Mr. Holmes pay a visit to an associate in the firm. They accuse him of setting up the murder. He proves his innocence. Sherlock calls Bell to inquire about the fatalities. Turns out a plumber was the target. Sherlock hails a cab, but Mr. Holmes can get him there faster, with a helicopter. The plumber’s wife is dumbfounded. Sherlock finds a tracking program on the victim’s phone. He finds where the phone got the tracking software put on it. They go to the location. It’s some kind of bath house. Sherlock’s attempts fail, so Mr. Holmes goes so far as to offer a bribe to get the information they need. When Sherlock returns home, Joan is waiting and quite furious. He tries to placate her. Sherlock does bring her fully up to speed as well. Sherlock also finds the sniper on the security footage. Gregson is leading the team to take down the sniper. He’s waiting though as he has cameras set up to keep watch. He starts firing. They think an officer is shot, but it turns out it’s the sniper and he’s dead. Turns out he was only grazed, he died from falling off the fire escape. At the station, Sherlock and Joan are going through his luggage. He tells her that he knows his father got them reinstated. Joan finds something odd in a sudoku book, possibly a code. It’s a foreign bank account number. His father’s connections can get information about the account. Moreland has a lot of success but doesn’t get everything. However, there is a bonus, the shell company is owned by Dynastic Energy. One of the murdered men worked there. Now Mr. Holmes, Sherlock and Joan are all working together. They bring one of the executives in for questioning. The tracking app is brought into question. It appears that the plumber was having an affair with the man’s wife. He goes a little crazy when he’s shown proof. Moreland goes and pays the other Dynastic executive a visit. He brings him up to speed on what’s going on. He then turns the tables on him and accuses him of hiring the sniper. At the brownstone, Moreland brings Sherlock and Joan up to date. Later, Sherlock is going over the surveillance video again. Sherlock notices a blade of grass on one of the casings in the photo. It’s a grass used on golf courses. They bring in the head of the company this time and question him. The golf bag that he took in, it’s smeared with gun oil. That night Moreland is having dinner with the Interpol officer who assisted him. He tries to black mail him. He apologizes to him and loses the right to call him Moreland.

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