New ‘BioShock’ Game Could Be Slated for 2020, According to Analyst

BioShock: Infinite gave fans a taste of a more sordid future within the franchise years ago. The adventure was instantly hailed for its incredible journey into Rapture with stunningly detailed characters and immersive twists. But, the first-person shooter came out back in 2013 and huge number of fans are wondering ‘what’s next?’ Apparently, we’ve got a game announcement coming this year – at least if esteemed analyst Michael Pachter has anything to say about it.

The folks over at GamesIndustry rounded up a few top-notch analysts to bring in the new year with their 2019 predictions. According to Pachter, we’re not only getting a new announcement from Rockstar, but also another BioShock with both titles set to arrive in 2020.

“I think we’ll hear about a new BioShock game and a new title from Rockstar, both for 2020,” Pachter told the site. “It would be cheating to say that the company will announce Borderlands, since it will probably happen before this article is published.”

We’ve heard rumblings that there has been a secret BioShock project in the works codenamed Project Parkside. The project was helmed by the folks over Hangar 13, though the company was hit with major layoffs and a convoluted vision for the alleged project, making its future seem grim and hopeless.

Back in November there was a rumor that Obsidian Entertainment would be taking the reigns of a new BioShock game, though that was later debunked when the team revealed their very BioShock-esque (and Fallout) The Outer Worlds game.

Though this is all just speculation at this point, it is exciting to think that a new BioShock experience could be so close! For those that can’t wait, you can check out Bioshock: The Collection now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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