Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep14 – Casey Jones vs the Underworld

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 14
Title: Casey Jones vs the Underworld
Original Air Date: March 22, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Casey: Ready to taste some asphalt, scum?

* Shredder: So be it. Success is to be rewarded as failure is to be punished.

* Leo: This is it Shredder. You’re not going to walk away from this.
Shredder: I have no time for idle threats turtle.

* Shredder: The turtles think they’ve won but all they’ve done is delay my plans. Get this place cleaned up and we’ll start again.

Synopsis: Casey is writing a story about the turtles saving the world, while he was sidelined. He stands on a roof top and watches April and her dad give out hot soup. He hears an alarm and finds the Purple Dragons robbing a bank. They have a new leader, his name is Hun. They all return to the lair to clean it up and make it right. The Kraang really did a number destroying their home. Donnie’s lab is completely trashed. Splinter sets his space back up with the picture of he, his wife and Karai as a baby. Casey comes down to the lair and he lays into the turtles. He tells them about the Purple Dragons and when they realize he didn’t beat them they laugh. He goes top side and finds the Foot riding through on motor cycles. Casey follows them. Shredder goes to a restaurant to speak with a gangster. He’s eating pasta. The two have a bit of a show down. The Don falls in line. Casey gets caught by Shredder. He pretends to be a busboy to escape. Back in the lair, the cleaning continues relentlessly. Mikey can’t find the tv remote and is upset. Casey texts Raph for help. Mikey finally finds the remote and turns on his favorite cartoon. Topside, Casey sees Fishface and knocks him out. But Razr is there too. It’s a good battle down at the docks. Razr gets blown up with a puck. But Razr is not done. Raph drops a crate on Razr to stop him. Casey makes Raph help him run off with the case. It’s got chemicals in it. Casey says he’s going off after Shredder by himself. Raph tries to stop him. At Baxter’s lab, he has Karai in a tank. Shredder promises that he’ll have her back to normal soon. The Purple Dragons arrive with a case. When Baxter tells him he doesn’t have the equipment to work with these chemicals, Shredder tells him to find it. Hun tells him the chemicals were found in a factory on his turf and he’d be happy to assist him in taking it over. At the lair, Donnie does not know what these chemicals are. Mikey comes in eating some weird chips. They realize it’s in New York, where it’s made, and track it down. Raph realizes since it’s in Chinatown it’s controlled by the Purple Dragons. Razr smells something. Casey throws a bomb and then tries to take on Shredder. When Shredder tries to kill him, he saves himself with his taser. The turtles arrive just in time. The factory gets turned on and the al out fight gets a little crazy. Shredder nearly kills Leonardo. Everyone is fighting until Hun offers Casey a fight. Donnie realizes he can contaminate chemiclas so Shredder can’t use them. Donnie throws something to Mikey and then it winds up with Casey. Casey is successful in contaminating the chemicals and taking the plant out for a long time. Back at the lair, they congratulate Casey for surviving Shredder and stopping his plan. Donnie, is taking a closer look at the chemicals. He thinks its for a mind control formula.

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