Elementary S04, Ep03 – Tag, You’re Me

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 3
Title: Tag, You’re Me
Original Air Date: November 19, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Are you cooking, or did we get stampeded by a class of second graders?

* Bell: Hey, look who they pulled off the bench.

* Sherlock: They are so all seeing that you felt the need to adopt the guise from a clown in the future.

* Joan: First, you steal their software. Then you embarrass them with it.

* Man: FR is a billion dollar business and I proved that their software is flawed. Tell me that’s not a motive for murder?

* Joan: Trust me, you’re going to want to hear what he has to say. He looks just like the victims.

* Joan: The man is fluent in three dozen languages but has never seen “say anything.”

* Joan: So in other words, he hasn’t learned one thing.

Synopsis: Joan comes home to find Sherlock cooking. The kitchen is truly a disaster. Sherlock tells Joan that he is cooking a variety of snacks for Clyde to increase his mineral intake. Joan tells Sherlock she just came back from the station and Gregson is happy that they have now been reinstated. Sherlock notices an article and promptly exits the kitchen leaving Joan to clean up the mess. A guy with an accent walks into his apartment and another man follows him in and kills him. But a second man walks in who also looks just like the first. The killer is shocked but kills him as well. Sherlock and Joan meet Bell at this double homicide. Joan looks at the IDs and points out that they are identical. Sherlock can tell the two apart easily. One of the fathers goes to the morgue to ID one of the bodies. Turns out his son was adopted. At Mr. Holmes office, Sherlock is waiting for him. He’s got the article with the bikes. Mr. Holmes is perplexed. They have a tense conversation. Mr. Holmes tells Sherlock he staying to work on a project that’s a bit of a puzzle. Sherlock offers to help him with the puzzle to hasten his exit from New York. Back at the crime scene, Bell has found a collection of photos that most definably require explanation. As they exit, Sherlock notices the AC has been on for a while and also the mail is piled up. Bell has the door knocked on of apartment 2D and someone quickly comes out on the fire escape and down. They stop him and he’s made his appearance quite strange. He appears to think he’s being tracked by facial recognition software. He’s brought in to be interviewed. He created a website to find people who look like each other. The guy is very paranoid. At the brownstone, a missing check appeared. Clyde is also enjoying the snacks Sherlock made him. Sherlock is preparing to go to a dinner with his father. There is a woman who’s preventing a wind farm from being built. Sherlock won’t be attending the meeting at the tech firm with Joan and Bell. The man they speak with is familiar with the website and the gentlemen who set it up. This man also used the website to find a dopple and check out the webmaster. He did some espionage, by hacking Dorian’s wifi via participation in a dopple hunt. They stole back all his work to fix their flaw. At the party, Mr. Holmes is schmoozing the woman. Sherlock and he agree there is something else going on. They watch her talk with another and she appears very comfortable. The man does not appear to meet with Mr. Holmes. Mr. Holmes realizes he is being played and they exit. Joan calls Sherlock with an update. Gregson has requested Sherlock and Joan’s presence. He tells them that his dopple ganger wanted to pay him ten grand to take a dna test for him. At the brownstone, Sherlock wakes Joan with a loud song. Sherlock suspects that one of the dead men may have been trying to hide his dna as he is a suspect in a murder in another jurisdiction. The body was found six months ago. Joan, Bell and Sherlock all meet with Gregson in his office. He confirms that Wagner was a murder suspect. Sherlock lets Joan know he has to go deal with the wind farm drama. He and Mr. Holmes meet with the woman again. Sherlock brings up a species of squirrel monkey habitat. It occupies part of the land for the hotel and also part of the wind farm. Mr. Holmes client is going to issue a press release that the wind farm that the monkey’s habitat will not be damaged or encroached. He offers to let her add her name as well. Both the farm and her resort will have to be slightly changed. At the station, they meet with the brother of the murder victim of Wagner. He confesses to the double murder. However, he says he wasn’t anywhere near Dorian Moll. Joan finds Sherlock in the media room. She planned to watch a football game there. The officers alibi has irked Sherlock. He informs her that Tim Wagner’s dna was not a match in the murder case. Joan has a thought. She calls Bell to request the original list of suspects. Bel pays Dorian’s mom a visit, and he is there as well. At the station, they bring the man from the tech company back in. His shins are quite beat up. He likely committed the murder of Howard Cutler, the murder Tim Wagner was trying not to get in trouble for. He used the website to find a double to take a dna test for him. They get his dna to close the case. When Bell calls Dorian to let him know all is solved, he offers everyone a free dopple experience. At the brownstone, Sherlock is vacuum sealing snacks for Clyde. The doorbell rings and it’s Mr. Holmes. He tells Sherlock he’s wired a sum to his account for his help. He confesses that he could have done his work elsewhere. He would like to put the past behind them and rebuild their relationship. It becomes a bit tense. His mother is brought up. He’s staying in New York indefinitely to be closer to Sherlock.

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