Criminal Minds S02, Ep12 – Profiler, Profiled

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: Profiler, Profiled
Original Air Date: December 3, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* “All secrets are deep. All secrets become dark. That’s in the nature of secrets.” — Cory Doctorow

* Gideon: I don’t like them calling him a suspect.
Hotch: Me neither.

Synopsis: Reid is entertaining JJ and Garcia with a science trick, but it shoots up and hits Emily in the face. When Reid tells her it’s a physics law, she wants to see too. The second one lands at Hotch’s feet. He gives Reid a stern look as he says, “physics magic?” Reid apologizes. Reid lets them know that Morgan is in Chicago for his mom’s birthday. In Chicago, Morgan is walking with his sister when they encounter some unsavory people. Morgan goes to the rec center and someone’s photographing him. He talks with some kids and those same people drive by the rec center. Derek goes out to meet them as a man runs out with a baseball bat. Back at his mother’s house, they sing Happy Birthday. That night a boy’s dead boyd is found. He spends time with his mom but is interrupted with a knock on the door. The cop arrests Morgan. At the station, Morgan still doesn’t know what’s going on. He requests to call Hotch, but is informed that Hotch is already being called. Hotch immediately gets the team assembled and heads to Chicago with the team to help. The local cop finally starts his interrogation. He then asks about the kid Morgan gave a ride home. He accuses Morgan of killing him. The team arrives at the station. Hotch levels a threat. He starts to lay out the dead bodies for Morgan. Morgan tells him about Rodney. The officer finally comes out and speaks to the team. He thanks Gideon for his profile, it’s why he’s going after Morgan. Hotch meets with Morgan. The local cop tells them the history of this case. Morgan tells Hotch how he discovered the dead boy’s body when he was 15. How he collected money to have him buried. Reid shoots holes through the local cop’s theory. Gideon is not amused. They start working the cases immediately to clear Morgan. He gives them Morgan’s juvenile record. Hotch is surprised. Hotch confronts Morgan and he tells him it’s supposed to be expunged. When Hotch uses the word victimology Morgan completely freaks out. Prentiss and Reid go to see Morgan’s family. The family is familiar with Dr. Reid. They tell the two about the youth center. It is significant. They learn all about his dad and the troubles after his death. Carl Buford is mentioned, he runs the youth center. Garcia finds his record. It was expunged at Carl Buford’s request. He also just walked into the station. Gideon talks to Morgan. Prentiss goes to the center but doesn’t find Buford since he’s at the station. Gideon asks a few questions of the local cop regarding Buford and gets stonewalled. Hotch asks Morgan about Carl Buford. Morgan blows up. When Hotch leaves he doesn’t secure the door and Morgan makes an exit. The local cop threatens the whole team. All the police are looking for him. Hotch realizes something based on all the time that Buford spent with Morgan. Morgan heads to the youth center and finds the boy who was looking for him. They discuss the cabin. He brings up the molestation. He learns that Damian knew about the current abuse of Carl’s prodigy. Morgan goes in and talks to Carl. Thankfully, with what Hotch surmised and the local cop overhearing the majority of the conversation, they arrest Buford. Gideon and Hotch enter. Everyone goes to Damian’s funeral.

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