The X Files S02, Ep10 – Red Museum

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Red Museum
Original Air Date: December 9, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: You know for a holy man you have quite a knack for pissing people off.

* Scully: That man that I saw on the road today. That’s the same man that executed Deep Throat.

Synopsis: We begin in a beef processing plant. Another location, a home where the mother comes home from work to find her kids watching tv. She goes to take a shower, but someone is watching her. The phone rings and the older son leaves. The mother is now in a panic, her son has been missing 4 hours, not 5 minutes. We see her older son in a wooded area and he flags down an officer. He’s been attacked and even written on. He’s not able to speak. The case is brought to Mulder and Scully. It’s not the first time it’s happened. There are two other victims. They head out and the Sheriff tells them about the church of the Red Museum. When they get there, everyone is wearing white clothes and a red turban. They go into a building that is the church. The leader doesn’t speak, he types and a woman reads what he types. Odin notices the Sheriff and Mulder and Scully. They leave and go check in with the teenager. He tells them he felt something enter him. Dana meets the little brother. Someone watches the interaction through a small hole in the wall. The two get a hotel and food. Mulder explains “walk-ins.” Someone from the Red church walks by and gets harassed. Mulder breaks it up. The sheriffs son is leading the bullies. They leave and head home. A girl finds a dog tied up and she gets kidnapped. She’s then walking around the forest area lost and confused. She’s seeing things that aren’t actually happening. Scully checks the girl too. The tox screen gives her some answers. There was a controlled substance in her system. Odin, the leader of the Red Museum, use to be a doctor. The two go to talk to him. He refused to cooperate, so they arrest him. Down the street, the followers of the Red Museum have gathered and the sheriffs son throws cows blood on them. He pulls his son out of the center of it. Someone in a red truck, flags Scully , telling her he has something he wants to show her. He drives them to a pasture that his grandfather owned. The people who bought this land are injected a cow with some chemical. He gives them a history of the area. He thinks that what the cows are being injected with are the cause of the problems. One of the two men injecting the cows, hears the truck and turns and sees it. That night a small plane is in the air. It has the pilot and a doctor with a case of money. It crashes. The doctor is identified as Gerald Larson. The money case survived, along with it’s contents. There is a vial in the case. The connection is discovered. All the kids that have been attacked were delivered by this doctor. Back at the farm, one of the men leaves as a scary looking man in a blue car arrives. He shoots the man who stayed behind. Mulder and Scully go back to visit the teenager’s mother. She tells them Gary has never been sick a da in his life. Mulder notices the peephole in the house. He points it out to her and finds a camera has bene set up and hundreds of video tapes. Some of the troublemaker kids are out drinking. One gets out of the car. The Sheriffs son is taken. We finally see who it is. The man who left the farm and didn’t’ get killed. This time the teenager is killed. It’s the sheriffs son. The man with the blue car walks out of the forest with a gun, he puts it in his trunk and drives away. Scully and Mulder are going to question the man. Scully sees the man in the blue car and recognizes it. This man also appears to be the video peeper. He will confess to everything but the murder of Rick. He tells them about Dr. Larson doing tests on the kids. They got certain inoculations. He also received the same inoculations for the cows. Scully believes him. Scully tells Mulder that the kids have been injected with a substance that could be alien. They head to Gary’s home to protect him. Mulder gets there and tells them to pack some clothes. The mother is confused. Mulder goes to Odin at the Red Museum for help. He lets all the affect families come there to be safe. Mulder appears to have gone after the man. Mulder goes to the meat processing plant. He finds gasoline. He finds someone there spreading gasoline. Mulder gets himself locked in a freezer. Scully and the sheriffs arrive just in time. The Sheriff kills the man though. They cannot identify the man in the plant that was killed. Some answers are found, but the entire truth is still out there.

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