Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep12-13 – Battle for New York

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 12-13
Title: Battle for New York
Original Air Date: March 15, 2015

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: He did help us, and everyone deserves a second chance.

* Donnie: I had things under control.
Dr. Rockwell: Oh yes, you and your little stick.

* Leo: Mikey, you never cease to amaze me.

* Raph: This is so crazy I’m starting to like this plan.

* Slash: If we can’t save the turtles then all of the humans in New York are doomed. We failed.

Synopsis: Mikey is in Donnie’s lab messing with the retro-mutagen. It doesn’t seem to go well and the two get in a major fight. Splinter breaks them up. Surprisingly, Mikey solved it. However, he can’t recall how he did it. Splinter tells them to focus on unmutating the people. They go topside to see what Donnie has created and almost get caught. The Kraang find two humans and as they try to mutate them they are saved by the turtles. The turtles and Kraang battle. Leatherhead, Pidgeon Pete, Dr. Rockwell and Slash arrive to help. Mikey gives Leatherhead a hug. Leatherhead asks Leo and the turtles to go with them to meet their benefactor. However, a Kraang droid spots them. Turns out it’s the reporter. He wants all of them to work together as a team to defeat the Kraang. He’s learned about a mutagen missile they plan to launch on earth. Everyone starts fighting. The Kraang have found them and attack. A big battle ensues. The reporter gets shot in the battle. Everyone falls back taking the reporter with them. Everyone retreats to the pizza lair. The reporter comes to and gives Donnie the hard drive. Splinter commands them all to work together to stop the missile. The turtles want an air attack, the Mutanimals want a ground attack. They split up and each launch their own attack. A Kraang subprime goes off on other Kraangs yelling at them for not learning proper English. The turtles launch their blimp. They start their attack in the air. The other mutants have now launched their ground attack. It’s now a full battle. However, the subprime manages to start the launch sequence. They are all on the missile. They are forced to jump to try and get back to earth. Luckily, Donnie has created turtle gliders. They all land on the blimp. They save the earth and both teams make peace with each other. Leo and Slash shake. They are now going to work together to save the citizens of New York. They break into TCRI and hack the portal. They get to Dimension X via the portal. The subprime follows. Now Mikey becomes the leader. He’s the best at navigating Dimension X. The rest of the mutants are still in TCRI trying to destroy the Kraang. The turtles blimp gets destroyed by a space worm. They battle the worm and it goes away. They find the humans, they are being used as slaves to mine energy crystals. Back at TCRI the other mutants aren’t doing well. They are stopped and the portal is deactivated. Mikey finds a technodrome. The subprime has found them and is ready to destroy them. Mikey has a surprise for him. They then steal a Kraang ship to fly to the technodrome. Subprime calls for assistance by a droid that looks like a two headed flying dinosaur. It’s chasing them now. Mikey does manage to get them into the technodrome. The other mutants are in a prison. Leatherhead tries to cheer up Slash. Once in the technodrome the Kraang attack them. They take out as many of the Kraang as they can. Mikey turns two into air surfboards and he wipes them out. Mikey manages to take control of the technodrome and fly it. Donnie converts all the mutagen to retro-mutagen. Mikey then converts the technodrome to run on it. Rockwell breaks them out of the prison and then gets the portal up and running again. They apply the retro-mutagen to the first island and the mutants are humans again. The first group gets teleported home. They get the second island converted back to humans and then the third. They send their coordinates to Rockwell. He transports them back just in the nick of time. As the humans start returning to New York, the Kraang start disappearing. The humans all cheer for the turtles. The power comes back on. April finds her dad. Raph is worried about the other mutants. They are safe. Mikey gives Leatherhead a third hug. Rockwell managed to send all the Kraang back to Dimension X. The Kraang are gone.

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