Elementary S04, Ep01 – The Past is Parent

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 1
Title: The Past is Parent
Original Air Date: November 5, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Dad never shows.

* Sherlock: Justice is like an orgasm, it can never come too late.

* Sherlock: The longer he forgets we exist, the longer we keep our home.
Joan: You really think he’s going to kick us out?

* Joan: It doesn’t matter, you’re not going to prison.
Sherlock: A week ago you’d have said I wouldn’t relapse.
Joan: No, I wouldn’t.

* Sherlock: What do you want?
Mr. Bloom: To hire you. I hear you’re quite the detective.
Sherlock: Unfortunately, I’ve got a no sadists policy.

* Joan: I’m confused, do you want him to be innocent?

* Sherlock: Mr. Bloom left an impression on me last night, as well as some gray matter.

* Sherlock: We’re not cat burglars.
Agent McNally: No, you’re liabilities.

* Sherlock: Elysia and Maribel didn’t just know each other. I believe they were plotting a murder.

* Sherlock: Because of my indiscretion, we won’t be consulting with the department anymore. I’m sorry, Watson.

* Joan: If you think solving this case is going to get us back in the department’s good graces—
Sherlock: Not us Watson, you.

* Joan: When it comes to what we do, the only thing that matters to me is our partnership. So if you go, I go.

* Mr. Holmes: You’ve made a mess Sherlock. I’m here to fix it.

Synopsis: Sherlock has called his regular girls to recreate a murder scene from years ago. They aren’t amused, they were hoping for a different activity. Sherlock admits to them that he used heroine three days ago and also beat the crap out of Oscar. Sherlock’s phone rings and it’s Joan, his father is about to arrive. The doorbell rings and it’s the Captain and he’s brought groceries. They have a conversation. Sherlock finally arrives at the brownstone with his apologies. He’s brought all kinds of stuff with him as well. He notices the Captain’s cologne. And tells Joan he’s spoken to Alfredo and he is recovering. As Sherlock heads for his third meeting of the day, Mr. Bloom approaches him. Oddly enough, he wants to hire him. Sherlock is not interested. He admits that he can be connected with the three missing women. He admits to killing the two girls and burying them. He gives Sherlock the address. He tells him he didn’t kill his wife. He wants his wife found. He then takes out a gun and kills himself. Sherlock goes to Bell and tells him what happened. After talking to Bell, he goes to see the Captain. He apologizes to him and hopes that he didn’t harm Joan’s career as well. The Captain tells him that the Chief of Detectives has decided to part ways with both he and Joan. The next morning Joan gets woken up by tvs. The police found the two bodies where Mr. Bloom said they would be. Sherlock is now looking into Mr. Bloom’s wife’s disappearance. Joan is dismayed. Sherlock has found another woman who is similar to the Mrs. Bloom who is still missing. Sherlock lies to her about speaking to the Captain as he wants to solve one more case with Joan. The two go to the hotel she was staying at. The manager has held onto the other woman’s stuff for five years. At a restaurant, Joan gets a call from Mr. Holmes representative. Now he may arrive next week. But Joan doesn’t believe it. They go through what was left behind to try and piece it together. One of the pictures actually show the two together, they are connected and do know each other. Joan pays Mr. Cook a visit. She wants him to pass on a message. Either show up or don’t, but don’t say you’re coming and not. She gives him a rather poignant threat. Joan arrives home to find Sherlock ending a video chat with the aunt of one of the women. He’s learned that the two were the only survivors of a massive massacre in their home country. Elysia became Mrs. Bloom in a green card lottery. Over time the two grew apart. And then when Elysia disappeared, her friend did as well within a short time. Sherlock asks Joan to visit a restaurant one of them went to a week before going missing. The next day, Sherlock meets with Agent McNally of the NSA. He lets him know that he and Watson will be available for consulting. Joan visits the manager. He does not recognize Elysia but he does recognize the second one, Maribel. She was showing him pictures too. Joan gets back to the brownstone and brings food. She also informs Sherlock that the manager recognized Maribel. Sherlock thinks the pair of ladies was plotting a murder. He then plots out a timeline to prove his theory. He thinks their plot went wrong and once they found their target, he turned the tables and killed them. The man is likely one of the men responsible for the massacre of their families. Joan and Sherlock, go to visit a man in prison. They ask him about that massacre. He tells them a man’s name, but it’s not a real name. Sherlock threatens the man’s family. He tells them he knows who the four people who committed the massacre. Those four were all killed shortly after it. He tells them there was a third survivor who is also a coyote. He has a nickname, “el gato.” Back at the brownstone, Sherlock gets a call. His lawyer called and he’s not going to jail. Joan gives him a hug. He follows her to the kitchen and tells her the truth about his conversation with the Captain and that they won’t be consulting anymore. He apologizes. She takes it better than he thought she would. He then tells her that they are working this case because he wants to be able to get Joan back to consulting with the NYPD. She makes clear that her partnership with Sherlock is more important than working with the NYPD and that if they don’t take them both back, that she is not interested. Joan goes down to the station and collects their belongings. Bell lets her know that he is on their side. Joan arrives back at the brownstone to hear Sherlock arguing in Spanish with a detective from Mexico. The information he receives is different than the man who the ladies were looking for. It dawns on Joan that the restaurant is called Nine Lives, it refers to a cat’s nine lives. The two go back to talk to him. They believe he is El Gato, the coyote who caused the massacre. They catch him in another lie. They lay out a scenario and he generally admits to it. They tell him about the extradition treaty with Honduras. The New Jersey Police serve him with a warrant. He’s hauled away by the New Jersey Police. As Joan and Sherlock discuss consulting globally he gets a text. Sherlock departs to run an errand. Sherlock arrives at the brownstone and heads to the roof. There is a man standing there. It’s his father. They have a testy conversation.

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