Elementary S03, Ep23 – Absconded

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 23
Title: Absconded
Original Air Date: May 7, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gregson: If I’m not leaving my people in good hands, I’m not leaving them at all.

* Gregson: I gotta make sure I’m not handing the keys over to someone with sticky fingers.

* Joan: I don’t have enough caffeine to understand you right now.

* Joan: Guess I could think of worse reasons to kill off 100 million bees.

* Joan: They’re not good, they’re lucky.

Synopsis: Gregson, Sherlock and Joan ask a man about some Raggedy Andy masks. He created a Raggedy Andy flash mob to try and cover up killing his boss. Gregson gets a visit with some nice Scotch. A beekeeper gets a visit from an investigator. The bees are getting hit hard. She comes back to check on him later and finds her bees are messed up badly and he is dead. Sherlock and Joan are on the scene. Someone murdered the guy with cyanide. The man who was murdered was closing in on the reason that a large number of bees have died. A pesticide by a specific company has been causing the bee deaths. Gregson has Joan come in, he’s been offered a promotion. He isn’t sure how he feels about his possible replacement. He asks Joan to look into her. Sherlock goes to the pesticide company to chat. They have a very odd conversation. Joan arrives at the brownstone. Sherlock asks her if the Captain is leaving them. Sherlock is not overly worried. Sherlock is excitedly learning about over 25,000 species of bees. Sherlock has solved Everett’s murder while Joan was gone. They go to speak with the suspect. He’s left the evidence in plain sight at his home. Sherlock has brought all of his bees inside. Sherlock now believes the victim was guilty of killing the murder’s hives. Everett was causing the colony collapse based on what Sherlock has found. The two go to speak with Mrs. Barnes. Mr. Barnes was looking into Everett regarding the colony issues. She tells them that Mr. Barnes was definitely in some kind of fight before dying. Sherlock finds a gash in the molding that is brand new. Bell joins them at the station but doesn’t have much more information. Joan has another theory. There has been a decrease in colony collapse and funding to study it is going down. The two professors hosting a conference are shocked by the thoughts of Sherlock and Watson. They get a list of the people attending the conference. Joan has some writing checked by an expert. Sherlock calls Joan. The Amir did indeed come to New York for the conference. However, Sherlock feels he’s been kidnapped. One of his guards is also missing. They meet with a member of the Amir’s team, but he is unhelpful. After Sherlock goes off to speak with another. Joan gives Gregson an update on her work. The prospective replacement checks out. Gregson speaks about what they do and all the people they help. He likes being a part of it. Bell and Joan are calling currency exchanges. Joan gets a hit, but Bell goes with Sherlock. A pawn shop has some of the Sheiks’ possessions. The guard bought a laptop and they used it to track him down. They question him. There was a prostitute involved. Both the Sheik and his prostitute were gone the next morning. Sherlock shows the professor some leaf cutter bees. She died her hair blonde and shared a lot of personal messaged with the Sheik. The woman’s husband seems stunned. She denies everything. She tells them to call the sheik, he’s representatives answer. They inform Gregson he is on a plane going home. Bell, Joan, and Sherlock lay it out to her and she is done. Gregson turns down the promotion. He’s given a very strange warning message though.

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