Bones S02, Ep11 – Judas on a Pole

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Judas on a Pole
Original Air Date: December 13, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: This is going to turn out to be some freaky, weird, ritualistic thing isn’t it?
Hodgins: I hope so.

* Booth: Come on, let’s go.
Bones: Why do I always feel like you’re abducting me.

* Bones: I wouldn’t let anyone else call you a loser. What makes you think you’re allowed?
Russ: I love you too.

* Caroline: Hey, I’m ruining my career I’m doing it my way, you understand?

* Father Colter (to Bones): Your father loves you.

* Booth: I don’t like finding out there’s a dirty FBI agent in this building.

* Father Colter: And to think some people still refuse to believe in Guardian Angels.

* Zack: I assumed that the only way for Booth to get his car back is to solve the case on his own with our help.

* Bones: That much blood it’s…it’s murder.

* Max: If you find someone that you can trust you hang on to them. Remember that. I’m proud of you. I love you.

* Bones: I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family.
Booth: Listen, Bones, hey. There’s more than one kind of family.

Synopsis: A man is killed on a roof and lit on fire. Zack is in front of a review board for his dissertation. Its not going well. Booth comes in and grabs Bones to examine the body burned on the roof. Back at the lab, Zack, Hodgins and Cam are examining the body. They find a paper with the victim’s name and a coin on the body. Russ comes to visit Bones to warn her. Booth pops in and says hi. He takes Bones to see the home of the murder victim. There is a locked room and in it its pictures of Russ. Her dad was at least right about him being in danger. The two show Russ the pics. Booth is worried that Russel is being hunted to be killed. Angela is analyzing the paper taken off Delaney. It’s about Marvin Beckett. Hodgins knows this man, a civil rights activist. Hodgins talks to Booth about it. They talk to Gus Harpers wife. This death relates to it. They learn some new things. Bones’ parents robbed the bank that Gus had a safe deposit box at days after he was killed. Angela and Zack talk. Russ shows pictures of the girls to Bones. He tells her about one of the girls having health problems, she offers to help. Booth arrives with Gus Harper’s file. Booth thinks that it’s her dad who did it. Booth brings Caroline in on the case. She wants justice for Marvin Beckett and goes all in. She wants Gus Harper exhumed and for Bones to examine him. Bones and Zack go over the cleaned remains of the victim. Dr. Brennan is alerted that there is a visitor in her office. Russ has brought in a friend of their dad, a priest, Father Colter. Booth joins them and all four go to Bones office to talk. Booth comes up with a theory as to why Max did what he did. Caroline rushes in to tell Booth she got a meeting with a judge. The FBI is trying to stop the exhumation and Caroline fights tooth and nail. She gets the writ for exhumation. Cam is doing the autopsy. Cam finds three bullet holes. One is a .38 but the other two are much larger caliber. Booth meets Russ at the diner. He tells Booth how he is trying to be a man. While they talk a shot rings out and Russ was knicked by it. On the news, Marvin Beckett was released from prison. Booth gets called into the “principal’s” office. He gets suspended without pay. At the lab, Zack is still going over the x-rays on Gus Harper. Zack wants to solve the case to get Booths’ job back, everyone is on board to help. He has identified the bullet that killed Gus. It was a homemade sniper round from a sniper rifle. Caroline is still on the case but not for long. Booth calls her for information. Bones already has a possible answer. She needs her father to give her the evidence he has on the case. Zack asks Cam if he can work there after he gets is doctorate. She brings up his appearance. Booth and Bones go to see Father Colter. Zack goes to Angela for a makeover. Bones and Booth have an argument in her office. Caroline interrupts the argument by introducing them to Marvin Beckett. He also warns them that need to be careful. Caroline gets them the list of snipers. One of them is the Deputy Director Kirby. Booth now realizes it’s Kirby that has been stalking Russ and Bones to get at her father. At her apartment, Bones fines blood. It’s a lot and she freaks out because that much blood loss can’t be survived. She is very emotional, tears in her eyes, worried that it’s Russ. Cam tells them it’s not Russ’s blood, it’s the wrong blood type. Bones has gone off to meet with Father Colter. He tells her that Russ is with their father. He tells Bones how much like her father she is. They both see the world in black and white. Booth meets with Caroline. She’s found that Father Colter is actually in his 90s and confined to a bed. Booth has a realization. He takes Caroline’s car to get to the church. Max tells her a story and reveals that he is her father. Bones is taken aback that she missed who he really is. He gives her a bible. In it has Gus Harper’s journal. There is also a key to a safe deposit box. Russ pulls up in a bronco to get Max. Bones hugs him and says she can’t let him go. She tries to arrest him. But it backfires. Booth pulls up in the gremlin. Max tells him to take care of Bones. Bones just keeps calling Booth’s name and he goes to help her while the two take off. Caroline’s gremlin will never be the same. Bones sits there in shock. On the same rooftop, Max has put up Kirby the same way he did Delaney. They wind up on the roof again. In Cam’s office, Bones and Hodgin’s hand Cam Zack’s doctorate and ask her to hire him. His clothes come up again. Angela walks in and presents a new Zack. It’s a miracle makeover. She hires him. Bones gives him a big hug. They all go to the diner to celebrate. Booth shows up and gets her attention. He has good news, Max’s evidence gets Booth his job back. Booth tries to comfort her about watching her family drive off and leave her behind again. She tears up. She laments that she’s just not meant to be in a family. Booth comforts her by telling her there is more than one kind of family.

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