Book: G is for Gumshoe by Sue Graton (Kinsey Millhone 7)

Kinsey picks up a new case, she thinks it’s going to be easy, but not so fast Kinsey.

Irene Gersh hires her to find her mom, Agnes, who she hasn’t heard from in six months. She finds her in a hospital. She’s ok except for short term memory issues. But she’s also afraid and Kinsey doesn’t know why. Agnes keeps telling her things, but they don’t seem to make sense and leave Kinsey wondering what’s going on.

While trying to sort out Agnes she learns she’s got some problems herself. Tyrone Patty is a criminal she helped put in jail in the past, but he’s out now and he’s targeting her. Three attempts on her life and counting so far. She’s not sure what his plan is but for now it’s jarring her nerves.

She’s so freaked out she hires a bodyguard. His name is Robert Dietz. He’s a private detective as well. They develop feelings for each which only complicates everything. But she’s pulled out of her own drama when she learns Agnes is dead, murdered actually. She’s determined to get to the truth.

Who’s terrified Agnes? Did this person kill her too? How many times will Tyrone come after her? Will he succeed in killing her or just severely maiming her? And what happens with Kinsey and Deitz?

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