Book: F is for Fugitive [Kinsey Millhone 6] by Sue Grafton

Seventeen years ago, a teenager, Jean Timberlake was murdered. Her body was found in small town named Floral Beach. She was found on the beach itself. No one batted an eyelash when Bailey Fowler confessed to the murder and was convicted.

Even when he walked away from the men’s prison he was serving his sentence in a year later, no one seemed to notice. So for 17 years he was a man on the run, most likely living under an assumed name.

Her mother, Shana Timberlake, was the only person who grieved her daughter’s loss. Bailey’s father, Bryce Fowler, was the only one that missed his son. Both parents the only ones who seem to remember what happened and continued to feel the effects.

Kinsey, decides to take the case. Both parties need answers and justice to put it behind them and for the deceased to rest in peace.

Did Bailey kill Jana or did someone else? Do the parents finally get closure?

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iTunes F Is for Fugitive – Sue Grafton


Book: A is for Alibi [Kinsey Millhone #1] by Sue Grafton

This book is the first in the alphabet murder series by Sue Grafton.

Yes the book does start slow, but I think it’s worth it. This book is the introduction to a longstanding series. We had to meet Kinsey and find out who she is. She’s tough, smart and tenacious. She was raised by her cold Aunt after her parents died in a horrible car crash. She was in the car too. Kinsey watched her parents die right in front of her eyes and it changed her life forever.

Present day she’s a private investigator. She was a cop but couldn’t handle all the rules. Self-employed she can do as she pleases and that she does. Her cases are well outside of what you would expect. But working unwanted or strange cases seems fitting to her.

Enter client Nikki Fife. She went to prison for killing her husband but has always maintained her innocence. She hires Kinsey to find the real killer.

Of course during the investigation all hell breaks loose because Kinsey is a magnet for oddballs like no one else. She gets a new boyfriend, gets hit on by some other guys, gets shot at a few times, and two actual attempts on her life are just a sampling of the excitement and drama in this book. The finale is very much worth the slow build. I personally don’t think the end would be as compelling as it was if it were to be reached in a different manner.

This is definitely a good read and I do recommend it.

Amazon A is for Alibi (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, No. 1)

iTunes A Is for Alibi – Sue Grafton

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