Bones S02, Ep08 – The Woman in the Sand

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: The Woman in the Sand
Original Air Date: November 8, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: What if you get a sudden urge to gamble while you’re here? It’s like sending an alcoholic to a distillery.

* Booth: You’re an anthropologist, observe the culture.

* Hodgins: The Godfather. Please someone buy a dvd player.
Cam: You mean a garrote?

Synopsis: Bones and Booth go to Vegas to work a case. While she checks the skeleton Bones notices a vulture circling. She finds another body, recently dead. The dental records confirm that it is the missing prosecutor. Angela identifies the female body. They give the husband the news, he thought she left him. He borrowed money from a loan shark, and it went downhill from there. They head to a casino to find the loan shark. Bones freaks out because of Booth’s gambling problem. Booth chats with the loan shark. He only gets him to confirm the husband’s debt and broken thumb. Booth finds Bones at a blackjack table who’s winning, but she admits to counting cards and they get asked to leave. At the lab, Hodgin’s informs Cam about some of the bugs on the body. Billie’s cause of death was a broken rib that punctured her lung. They look closer at the x ray’s. Bones thinks Billie was a boxer. She was in a fight club. According to the husband, her boxing license was pulled a year ago due to her hearing loss. Hodgin’s calls Bones. He found a chemical on her for chroming. They go to the only auto shop that is authorized, but it’s closed. It has the ring and blood. It’s the location of the illegal fight club. They head back to the casino to talk to the loan shark and run into one of Booth’s old buddies. His friend has the information on the fight club. The two decide to take on new roles for getting into the fight club. Booth is a bit taken aback by how Bones looks in her dress. Cam and Angela call with information about the opponent who might have fought her. The two head over to Nolan’s gym. Booth has to show off of a few skills to get the number. It works. Back at the lab, Hodgins and Zack have a heated conversation. Hodgins purposely pisses him off to a point where Zack actually hits Hodgins. It’s now fight club day. The loser knocks out Booth. Turns out the guy is actually an FBI agent undercover. He has seen Billie fight at the club. Bones gets an idea, Booth fights. Hodigns gives Bones pine oil and all are stumped for now. At the boxing club, Booth gets into the fight. At the casino, Bones wants to send Billie’s opponent to the Jeffersonian for a whole body scan. Another fight club and Booth is scheduled to fight the other agent undercover. However, there is a change in the fight card. Now, Booth has to fight a behemoth. At the lab, they replay the whole fight between Billie but it overlays the fight Booth is in. Bones tries to help. She starts talking science and he doesn’t understand. She tells him to hit him in the lower back above his kidney and finish with the Nolan move. He wins and everyone is shocked. Booth is pretty messed up. She helps Booth off the floor and gets a call from Cam. Billie was killed with a bat too. Angela and Marisol talk. She learns you can bet on yourself but not too much or you pay. Marisol is worried about her daughter. Booth finds out that Bones bet on him to win. She was testing the bookie. She tries to collect on her bet but he doesn’t pay her. But now he’s stuck in the fight club. Bones notices Joe has an itch as he escorts them to their car. Booth and Bones lay it out for Nolan. He gives up Nick’s dad, Sweet Pete as the one running the show. He confesses to his part in it. They get him to turn and bust the entire organization. Back at the hotel, Bones tells her she bet on him because she hadn’t lost since she got there and she didn’t want him to lose.

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